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StaticFix Flooring Installation System

Adhesive System cuts down installation time of static control sheet flooring

StaticFix flooring installation system from Staticworx allows for immediate traffic after flooring installation. It adheres with an aggressive bond.

Eliminates shutdown during installation in constant use spaces, including:

  • E-9-1-1 emergency dispatch call centers
  • Control rooms
  • Mission critical server rooms
  • Air traffic control areas.

A cleaner alternative to adhesives, the tape system does not require adhesive mixing or waiting for glue to set or cure. It eliminates adhesive clean up and accelerates ESD flooring installation schedule by eliminating the need for facility shut-down. The system is Indoor Air Quality certified. Recommended for use with EC, ESD Rubber flooring.

Call Staticworx to learn more and discuss how this tape might accelerate your ESD flooring installation: 617-923-2000.


For zero downtime, odorless installation to enable immediate use of spaces when installing EC ESD Rubber sheet flooring

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