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Static Control Vinyl Tile Shrinkage

Imperfect tile costs you time and money and creates ugly installations.

Precision milled, Ameriworx Tile installation

PROBLEMS with off shore tile installation shown in the photos below

Lack of squareness creates uneven joints between tiles. Over a 50 foot span, these small variations grow cumulatively to as much as 1/2"

Shrinkage has caused an 1/8" gap between tiles in this entry to a clean room. Dirt has begun to collect in gaps creating an unsightly outline between tiles.

Large, 1/4" gap from shrinkage between tiles. Water can collect in large gaps causing adhesive breakdown and de-lamination of floor.

Tiles are not square creating poor alignment at four corners. As installation progresses, an entire row of tiles will need to be cut back to compensate for alignment differences.

All Staticworx Ameriworx ESD vinyl tile meets ESD Association ( ESDA ) standards. Download complete independent consultant's ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 certification of Staticworx conductive vinyl tile.

Ameriworx tile is 100% precision milled and 100% tested. Staticworx can guarantee you a gap free installation, zero shrinkage and lifetime static control properties. It is made in the USA.

During a recent survey of large flooring contractors we asked them to list the biggest complaints they have with the recent influx of offshore conductive and static dissipative vinyl flooring. Every response included major concerns about:

  • Squareness, and shrinkage which create seam gaps - and call backs
  • Economic liability for the contractor, the janitorial service and ultimately the owner, because of shrinkage and lack of squareness

Less than perfect vinyl tile costs time and money for the installer

The installer has to sort tiles and cut them in order to make them fit properly; they also need to buy extra tile to compensate for the tiles they can't use. After installation, the owner is harnessed with permanent maintenance problems, including gaps in seams and ongoing shrinkage. Gaps collect dirt and compromise the visual appeal of a floor that was supposed to look like an operating room in a hospital.

Installing Staticworx's Ameriworx ESD vinyl tile prevents these problems

What makes Ameriworx better than tile off shore tile?

  • Total control of raw materials. All Ameriworx components are sourced, blended and produced in the United States. Raw materials are never substituted based on market price or availability. We do not change suppliers.

  • 100% inspection: Ameriworx tiles are made using an automated process with 100% in line quality monitoring. Conductivity and dimensional records is computer generated for every tile in every batch for 100% traceability and control.

  • Shrink free and shrink resistant: We don't use fillers or components that outgas and allow long-term dimensional changes to the tile.

  • Precision Milling: Every tile is CNC precision milled 72 hours after pressing. Why 72 hours? After die cutting, solid vinyl tiles continue curing for up to 72 hours. Precision milling is the final process we perform before we put our name on your floor.

  • Ameriworx has zero detectable VOCs

  • No heavy metals. All Ameriworx tile meets Rohs directive. Off shore tile isn't even tested for Rohs compliance.

  • Competitively priced - No layers of middlemen. You deal direct with Staticworx.

  • Green manufacturing: Ameriworx tiles are produced using green processing procedures.

  • Gap free installation: No bevels, no chopping edges, no dimensional variations. Ever tile is perfectly square with 90 degree right angles at all seams.

  • Access to the best installation contractors in North America. Staticworx has relationships with top notch contractors throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. The best contractors know that poor quality costs everyone money; they won't install any flooring that doesn't meet their own quality standards.

Learn more about Ameriworx ESD Vinyl Tile.