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ShadowFX™ SDC Chenille Warp Carpet

Always Dissipative - Never Conductive

Chenille Warp is a tufted patterned level tip sheared pile carpet tile, with SD Glasbac® backing. The pile material is made from recycled solution dyed nylon. The fundamental aesthetic of Chenille is stripes which have been interpreted in a bold and textural way without relying on heavy face weight. Shadow FX Chenille Warp is available in 4 colorways. They can be installed in a variety of ways including quarter-turn, ashlar, brick fashion and parquet, with the potential to provide an unconventional appearance.

Why all the fuss about carpet being too conductive? It's simple. It's about responsibility, liability, understanding OSHA safety guidelines and meeting a professional standard of care. Since 2005, standards organizations and grounding guidelines have required a static dissipative ohms rating for carpet.


Available styles

100216 Retrospective

100217 Flash Back

100214 Repetitions

100215 Yesterday
Note to Spec Writers
X/Y = MR = Industry Recognized Metric
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Resulting electrical current allowed

Staticworx ShadowFx Static Dissipative Carpet Tile as compared to Conductive Carpet Tile with PVC-free Backing

Source:"How Electrical Current Affects the Human Body." OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) web site (

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