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ShadowFX - First Carpet Tile to Cover It All

Certified Dissipative - Never Conductive

Permanent Static Control without the Risks of Conductive Flooring. Certified Static Dissipative — greater than 1.0X 106 and less than 1.0 x 109 - per ANSI/ESD S7.1 and ASTM F150

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Why all the fuss about carpet being too conductive?
— It's about responsibility.

Conductive floors allow too much electrical current to pass through them. Excessive electrical current is dangerous. Electrical testing shows that conductive carpet allows almost 100 times more amps of electricity than SD carpet even though both types of carpet prevent static problems equally - regardless of application.

Static control carpet was designed to prevent static charging while it moves electricity to ground. A properly designed grounded floor moves electricity at a controlled rate. However, when electricity moves too fast across a floor it can create a dangerous unsafe electrical environment. For example think of "standing water." From an early age we were all taught to never go near electricity if a floor is wet. That advice is pretty straightforward and easy to follow; if you're in contact with water - don't touch electricity. But what would happen if the water were undetectable, invisible? That is exactly the scenario we would encounter if a carpet were too conductive. Conductive carpet looks just like regular carpet. Conductive carpet however - just like water - moves electricity very quickly and in many cases too quickly. The faster and easier electricity moves through a material the more electrical current the material allows to pass through it. That's the reason we design "ohms resistance" into the materials we use to make static control carpet. The right amount of ohms resistance restricts electrical current. The more conductive a material is - the less resistance it has. Since 2005 International standards organizations and grounding guideline documents ( read about standards here) recommend a minimum carpet resistance of 1,000,000 ohms.

Note: There are several ways to say or write one million. They all mean the same thing:

  • 1 million
  • 1 megohm
  • 1,000,000
  • 1.0 X 10 E6

Important information about electrical resistance: As carpet resistance is reduced, the potential danger increases. Site condition factors like dampness and high relative humidity cause a reduction in ohms resistance so you need to use flooring that's designed to measure well above the minimum resistance limit or it could be a problem.

Unlike Conductive Flooring SD Carpet Prevents Static with Controlled Dissipation. Shadow FX SD Carpet Tile Is 100% Static Dissipative per ANSI/ESD S7.1, ASTM F150 and NFPA 99

Conductive Carpet carries dangerous electrical currents over 4 times the Lethal limit recognized by OSHA. View OSHA Safety Chart Here.

Staticworx designed ShadowFX to control electrical dissipation with resistance. ShadowFX SD measures static dissipative — not conductive. Conductive flooring should never be installed in FAA Flight areas, 911 call centers, schools, offices, call centers and or any spaces where electrical appliances are operating.

Safety warning about conductivity in FAA-019e, Section Conductive ESD control materials shall not be used for floor mats, flooring, or carpeting where the threat of personnel contact with energized electrical or electronic equipment exists.

What's the difference between dissipative and conductive?
Think of it this way: Dissipative is to parachute as Conductive is to free-fall.
A dissipative floor delivers electricity to ground at a controlled but effective rate - like a soft landing. A Conductive floor moves electricity with very little resistance - like a hard landing. Conductive carpet moves electricity so fast it can't meet electrical safety recommendations and resistance standards for computer rooms, call centers and other spaces where people might accidentally make contact with electricity.

High Style. Based on InterfaceFlor's Ground Breaking i2 Collections.
Shadow FX Carpet Tiles Look Seamless.
Choose Your Look

Random Non-Directional Patterns

Forest Floor Sample Card
Solid Tufted Loop Designs

Sample Card ShadowFX Solids
Thunder Bay

Forest Floor and Thunder Bay are Stock Colors

Place your tiles however you want. Lift up a tile and put it back with no worries about direction or orientation. This photo is actually 8 different Forest Floor tiles placed randomly. Can you tell where one tile ends and the next one begins?

Mergeable Die Lots: No need for Attic Stock ever again. Any future die lots will look the same as your original installation.
Don't like Glue? ShadowFX SD Modular Carpet tiles can be installed over bare access floors with Interface Tactiles: Watch this video

ShadowFX SD is ideal for:

  • Schools
  • Data Centers
  • Call Centers
  • University Science Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Communication Rooms
  • Flight Towers
  • Command Centers
  • Mobil Communication Shelters and NOCs
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 Electronic parts handling

Electronics Handling and Manufacturing: ShadowFX Meets Electronics Industry ESD Standard ANSI/ESD S20.20

Shadow FX was designed to measure from 1.0 x 106 to 1.0 x 109
— as per FAA STD 019e

Ideal for Use Over Access Floors in Networked Offices

Meets NFPA 99 for installation in Hospitals

No Need for Special Shoes. Unlike Vinyl and HPL, ShadowFX SD Prevents Static on Any Footwear

Control Rooms...

and 911 Dispatcher Areas Meets Motorola R56 and ATIS 0600321 for Communication Sites

Data Centers and Server Rooms: ShadowFX Carpet Measures above 150 K Ohms Meets IBM/Burroughs Standards. TIA 942 calls out "Floors shall have anti-static properties in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2."

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