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ShadowFX™ Anti-Static Carpet Tile

Always Dissipative - Never Conductive

First Carpet Tile to Cover It All
Eliminates Guesswork, Meets ESD Grounding Standards and Provides Lifetime Static Control

5 Styles. 22 Colors Available!

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Forest Floor Stock Color

Offers the added benefit of non-directional installation, meaning that tiles can be laid in any order or orientation.

Thunder Bay Stock Color

Adaptable and versatile — from PC Board Manufacturing to Flight Control Areas.


Chenille Warp is a tufted patterned level tip sheared pile carpet tile, with SD Glasbac® backing


Cubic carpet tiles provide the subtlety of quiet, neutral hues in abundance.

Top Soil

As its name suggests, Furrows II is a patterned carpet reflecting the linear regularity of ploughed fields.

ShadowFX Meets New Safety Standards for the Following Environments:

  • Electronics handling environments: ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007.
  • Voltage generation < 100 volts: ANSI/ESD S7.1, ANSI/ESD 97.1 and ANSI/ESD 97.2
  • Air traffic systems: FAA.STD 019e.
  • Equipment rooms, telecommunication areas, and dispatch centers: Motorola R56 Guidelines.
  • Network operator equipment areas: ATIS-0600321.2010.
  • Healthcare facilities: NFPA 99.
  • The controlled electrical properties of ShadowFX make it the best choice for school applications.

Visually Appealing

  • Features unique design patterns based on the concept of biomimicry and the random beauty of nature.
  • Known for a calming effect.

Cost Effective

  • Design elements eliminate the hassle of matching patterns and dye batches, and hides wear and tear—the main cause of carpet tile replacement. This results in significant savings.
  • Installed with releasable adhesives, allowing for easy removal of individual tiles, as opposed to the commonplace removal of entire rolls of broadloom carpet. This significantly reduces installation waste.

Sustainable, Durable, Reliable

  • Contains almost 50% recycled content and has low-emitting material. 
  • May qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.
  • 100% of yarn bundles are wrapped with Helix 44 denier static-control fiber.
  • Withstands over 100,000 cycles of Phillips roller caster chair test.
  • Lifetime warranty on static control.
  • Made in America.


  • Can be installed non-directionally, which makes it ideal for raised access floors.
  • Mergeable dye lots allow you to replace tiles from future batches without concern for matching the original installation.


As noted below, the ESD Specifications for ShadowFX Patterns and Solids are identical.
Slight variations are listed under Additional Specifications

ShadowFX Patterns and Solids Specifications

Additional Specifications

Note to Spec Writers
X/Y = MR = Industry Recognized Metric
Learn why Modification Ratio defines durability, appearance and performance

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Want to go glueless?

All styles can be installed with GroundTack® adhesive or Go Glue-less using TacTiles® and GroundBridge™

ShadowFX SDC Carpet tile is now available with PosiTile® positioning buttons for a glue-free installation over Tate Access Floor Panels.

See photos of Shadow FX Static Control Carpet Tile in a surface mount manufacturing facility.

Who Uses ShadowFX SD Carpet Tile?

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One Solution for End-User and Manufacturing Environments

  • ShadowFX™ is the industry's first anti-static carpet tile that provides permanent protection against ESD damage and meets the latest grounding requirements set by ANSI, FAA, Motorola, ATIS, and NFPA.
  • ShadowFX™ Patterns can be installed using the Random
    Non-Directional Installation Method
  • Ask your Staticworx® representative about our glue free installation method using Staticworx GroundBridge and Interface TacTiles

    Click to Show and Hide Grounding Standards Chart

  • Unlike previous options, which included mission-critical ESD-grade carpet made with excessively conductive yarns and backings, or low kV computer-grade carpet that didn't provide the minimal level of ESD protection, ShadowFX offers the best of both worlds.
  • Ideal for mission-critical, end-user environments—such as networked offices, call and dispatch centers, flight towers, and control rooms—that need to provide controlled dissipation and avoid liability exposure.
  • Also the preferred option for ESD-Protected Areas (EPAs) in the electronics manufacturing industry.

No More Guesswork!

  • No need to worry about static dissipative vs. static conductive.
  • One product meets all grounding standards with controlled dissipation.

Quick Snapshot

  • Controlled Dissipation of Electricity
  • Glue Free Installation Options
  • Solid Colors or Random Non-directional Patterns
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Invisible seams for better installation
  • Installed over raised access floors
  • Easily removed

Lauded in Lab Studies

  • To address ESD flooring safety issues, we conducted multiple
    independent laboratory tests comparing ShadowFX Dissipative Carpet with conductive carpet.
  • The results demonstrate that ShadowFX is the only static-control
    carpet tile that meets the latest safety requirements of national standards organizations.
  • To open a PDF file and see the results, click the link below.
    Laboratory Test Charts

Do you have an antistatic carpet that you would like tested?

  • For organizations that have already installed ESD carpet tile, we offer an ESD flooring audit,
    provided by Staticworx representatives, to determine if your facility meets GroundSafe Criteria.
  • All Shadow FX carpet options meet or exceed the following standards:
    • Motorola R56
    • IBM Data Center Recommendations
    • ATIS-0600321
    • ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 and 2014
    • EN 61340-5-1
    • FAA 019e
    • NFPA 99

Attention Specifiers:

ShadowFX™ addresses all flooring needs with one product. No more worries about static dissipative versus conductive.

ShadowFX™ SD Carpet tile provides the same grounding properties as ESD vinyl tile while it reduces noise and increases comfort in manufacturing areas.

ShadowFX™ is rated "ideal" for mission-critical environments, such as MRI suites in hospitals.

Looking to reduce installation labor, install tile faster, get on the floor sooner and eliminate downtime and shutdowns?

Learn About GroundTack® Adhesive Installation

Rating Different ESD Flooring Applications

Note: Effective August 19th, 2011: The Conductors carpet tile ohms resistance range has been discontinued due to conflict with recent updates in FAA and telecommunications industry grounding standards. Specifications like FAA STD 019E, Motorola R56 and ATIS-0600321- for end user environments - avoid recommending the use of any conductive carpet tile measuring between 2.5 X 10 E4 - 1.0 X 10 E6. To eliminate compliance issues and specification errors, ShadowFX was designed to meet all static control flooring applications with one product and one resistance range.

Question: What ohms range is too conductive for a 911 call center or any space where personnel wear head phones attached to a console?
Answer: According to Motorola R56 and ATIS-0600321 the following electrical range is not acceptable:
All of the following are the same: 2.5 x 104 ohms to 1.0 x 106 ohms = 25,000 ohms to 1,000,000 ohms= 2.5 X 10 E4 to 1.0 X 10 E6
What is the R56 grounding guide and why is it important?
View the full standard here.

Resources/Technical Info


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Define the boundariesof your ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD protected area (EPA) with our new ESD Message tiles. Available in rubber, vinyl or carpet. Custom designs available.