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Precision Milled Conductive Flooring

Precision milling ensures a tight, gap-free installation

We're often asked if precision milling really is necessary. If aesthetics are important, if your project requires a clean, tight, gap-free installation—then the answer is yes.

Die-cut tiles are never perfectly square and tiles vary in size. Die-cutting itself produces tile with shattered, irregular edges. Like all polymers, Solid Vinyl Tile (SVT) is prone to shrinkage, as well as dimensional changes during shipping and storage. Affected by tile composition, temperature and pressure, these changes are inconsistent and unpredictable.

During installation, minute irregularities cause unsightly gaps between adjoining tiles. Gaps collect water and debris and make shiny white installations look like a soiled checkerboard. To minimize fractures, some manufacturers cut the tile on a slight angle, or bevel. Bevels between adjacent tiles create voids, or air pockets, weakening seams. If heavy loads happen to rest on seams, seam deflection can occur—crushing or popping tiles.

Precision Milled for tight, gap-free installations. When quality matters.

All Staticworx Ameriworx ESD vinyl tile meets ESD Association ( ESDA ) standards. Download complete independent consultant's ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 certification of Staticworx conductive vinyl tile.

The only way to prevent gaps is by producing tile with 90-degree angles on all four edges—through the entire thickness of the tile. That is what precision milling does. If you ran your hand down a stack of precision-milled tile, the surface would feel as smooth and glassy as a granite counter. AmeriWorx tile rest snugly against adjacent tiles, eliminating unsightly gaps, while providing extreme resistance against heavy weight loads. Our precision-milled tile is rated at over 2700 PSI—everywhere on the tile, not just the center.

AmeriWorx Tile is Conditioned Before Precision Milling.

No Shrinkage—Ever

Foreign producers die-cut their tile, then immediately box, label and ship it for export. Sure, it's expensive to delay production processes or store tile in the factory after a run. Following the pack would be cheaper. But we refuse to skip steps simply to reduce costs.

Knowing SVT shrinks, we cut our AmeriWorx vinyl sheet flooring into oversized tiles. For best results, precision milling should occur several days after the rough tile is produced. Conditioning gives the tile time to cure, the dimensions to stabilize before final milling. Conditioning also prevents dimensional changes that can occur later, during shipping and storage. After we cut our vinyl, we store the tiles in an environmentally-controlled space for 72 hours. This costly but important step guarantees that every single tile is perfect.

Perfect tile increases installation productivity

In our final milling process, a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine mills our AmeriWorx vinyl tile to precisely 12" x 12" or 12" x 24" x 24", guaranteeing that every tile is perfectly square and exactly the right size. In this environmentally-friendly process, tile shavings are captured and reused in future production—so there is never any waste. Because our tile is conditioned for 72 hours then precision-milled, you can be assured that AmeriWorx vinyl tile will never shrink—even when it's installed using releasable or pressure-sensitive adhesives like GroundTack® and Spray-Lock® ESD .

Produced and precision-milled in our ISO-certified factory in the U.S.A.