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Static Control Flooring Products

Designs Inspired by Nature

Beautiful ESD Flooring Choices that Work. In Designs Inspired by Nature.

You wanted choices. We listened.

Staticworx ESD floors are engineered to solve the most challenging ESD problems – for all applications. In designs inspired by nature, our floors are as beautiful as they are functional.

ESD Standards

ESD standards vary from industry to industry. With Staticworx, you'll find an ESD floor to meet every standard – including ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014, for electronics manufacturing and handling; Motorola R56 and ATIS 0600321-2015, for telecom; FAA 019f, for flight control and associated facilities; and Army Corps of Engineers Spec #: UFGS 09 62 38, for military/government work.

Our latest video looks at the importance of qualifying ESD flooring. We created this video to educate our industry because there are still some misconceptions about the measures needed to properly qualify an ESD floor. It covers why resistance testing alone is not enough to ensure an ESD-safe floor and why it’s crucial to test both electrical resistance, measured in ohms, and charge generation, measured in volts. We hope you find it useful!

Qualifying an ESD floor - Resistance and Charge Generation

In-Compliance Magazine has published an important article by Staticworx about the most recent changes to ANSI/ESD S20.20 and how they impact your selection process for conductive and Static dissipative flooring. The article encompasses the measurement requirements for electrical resistance and body charge generation and why both are necessary in order to meet ANSI/ESD S20.20. In particular, Qualifying ESD Floors, explains in detail how to both "qualify" and subsequently "verify" your ESD flooring installation. The main takeaway involves the need to understand that floors are qualified in labs - not the actual factory location - under controlled conditions using the same footwear you will be using.

Permanent static control – guaranteed to last for the life of your floor.

Static-dissipative Carpet

Our ShadowFX ESD carpet tiles and planx provide the durability and high performance you expect of all Staticworx floors. The soothing earth-tone patterns flow seamlessly across the surface of the floor in ashlar, non-directional and monolithic installations, hiding wear and allowing for easy replacement without the worry of having to match previous dye lots.

Architect: Workplace Strategies; End user: Qorvo
Ameriworx ESD vinyl tile, Minnetronix

ESD Vinyl

If you're looking for a durable, mid-cost ESD floor and want to impress with a clean, hospital-like shine, take a look at our Ameriworx vinyl.

Ameriworx® Rox™

Ameriworx Rox line of ESD vinyl offers the same permanent static control properties as our regular Ameriworx vinyl - in designs and colors inspired by nature.

Staticworx ESD Rubber, Lowell Police Department

ESD Rubber

Tough, ergonomically designed ESD Rubber - a premium product for discerning buyers – meets the cleanliness and Class-0 ESD requirements of the most stringent lab or cleanroom.

ESD Epoxy and Coatings

Our ESD epoxy is tough, long-lasting, and inexpensive. We recently heard from a client who installed one of our epoxy floors over twenty years ago – best of all, they still love it today.

Staticworx ESD Epoxy, Insulet
Thales Communications

Groundlock™ Interlocking ESD Flooring

Groundlock Interlocking tiles can be installed without adhesive over any subfloor - with no disclaimers. Our Groundlock tiles snap together, so you can install your new floor in 24/7 operational spaces with no downtime or disruption.

ESD Carpet Tiles for Installation Over Raised Access Panels

Our ShadowFX ESD carpet tile can be installed one-to-one over both Tate and Haworth raised access flooring panels.


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