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GroundTack® One-Part Acrylic Adhesive

Conductive Acrylic Adhesive for Static Control Flooring

GroundTack® is a high quality acrylic emulsion that combines the performance of a pressure sensitive adhesive with the conductive properties of proprietary carbon particulate technology to create a flexible electrical ground plane beneath any Staticworx floor product

A conductive pressure sensitive adhesive creates an electrical ground plane, providing total continuity across an ESD flooring installation. Far superior to expensive conductive tapes, messy wet set black adhesives and complex grounding grids, Staticworx® GroundTack is easy to install and can be walked on immediately. When installed under modular carpet, GroundTack provides an excellent bond and offers the flexibility of a release adhesive. With GroundTack, the adhesive stays tacky and never dries completely; static dissipative carpet tiles are easily lifted and removed for repair, replacement or reuse, without ever even having to put down more adhesive.

For Rubber and Vinyl tile: Under rubber and vinyl, GroundTack provides a permanent conductive bond. GroundTack can be spread over a large area and allowed to dry before installing tiles. No oozing of adhesive into the seams when the floor is rolled. No mess and easy clean-up. For use with ShadowFX ESD carpet tile, AMERIWORX® precision milled vinyl tile.

  • Excellent conductivity
  • Clear adhesive with carbon fiber technology
  • Easy cleanup
  • Easy to Install
  • Provides LEED points
  • Low VOCs
  • No special skills required
  • Releases for easy removal and replacement of tiles
  • Well-suited for use with modular flooring

Attributes include:

  • VOC content of <0.1 lbs / gallon
  • Complies with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1168 Standard for Rubber Floor Adhesives, which has a VOC limit of 60
  • Contributes toward satisfying LEED Credit 4.1: Low Emitting Materials, Adhesives & Sealants Available in 1-gallon and 4-gallon pails, please call Staticworx to order at 617-923-2000.
  • Floorscore Indoor Air Quality Certification of Groundtack and Statbond Conductive AdhesivesFloorScore®
    Indoor Air Quality Certified to SCS-EC10.3-2014 v3.0
    Conforms to the CDPH/EHLB Standard Method v1.1-2010 (effective January 1, 2012) for the school classroom, private office, and single-family residence parameters when modeled as Flooring. Also, conforms to the SCAQMD Rule 1168 - Adhesive and Sealants (January 2005); Hong Kong Air Pollution Control (VOC) Regulation.

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