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Static Resistant ESD Vinyl Tile

Staticworx Solid ESD Flooring Tiles are the ideal option for facilities managers looking for that hospital look of cleanliness and shine.

Ameriworx® ROX™ ESD Vinyl Tile

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Ameriworx® ESD Vinyl Tile

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All Staticworx conductive flooring and static dissipative flooring tiles meet California 1350 indoor air quality standards.

What is California 1350?

Tough but economical, Staticworx vinyl tile provides the lowest cost of ownership of any static resistant flooring option. Unlike Armstrong SDT, there is no need for special polishes in order to eliminate electro static discharge (ESD.) Our ESD vinyl tile series is lead-free and provides permanent static control right out of the box.

Learn the difference between No wax Staticworx ESD vinyl tile and Armstrong SDT that requires S-392 dissipative floor polish.

Available with an interlocking, conductive base:

$$$$: And, Staticworx does not sell through multi-tier flooring distributors so your contractor will always pay the lowest possible material cost in the market.

Staticworx ESD tile can be installed over wood, concrete and access floors.

Why Vinyl?


AMERIWORX® ESD vinyl flooring contributes toward satisfying LEED credits 4.1 and 4.2 for air quality and recycled content.

Learn more about Ameriworx sustainable, green qualities

  • Permanent Static Protection
    Our ESD vinyl tile meets all of the requirements of ANSI/ESD S.20.20. The static control properties of Staticworx® ESD Vinyl are permanent and, unlike some computer-grade antistatic carpets, independent of ambient humidity or temperature.
  • Cost-effective ESD Flooring
    Click here to learn more about how to value engineer your project.
  • Precision Milled Quality
    Ameriworx vinyl tile is precision milled. Click this link to learn why precision milling is important?
  • Selection
    Staticworx® ESD Vinyl tile, available in attractive colors and graphics, will please the discerning eye of the most style-conscious architect.
  • Durability
    Its high vinyl content and high-pressure manufacturing process makes the Staticworx® vinyl floor both long-wearing and indention and abrasion resistant. The floor's smooth, non-porous surface has excellent chemical resistance.
  • Ameriworx has No DOP Content

  • Low outgassing emission.
  • Meets Class 10 cleanroom requirements.
  • Conforms to the requirement of NFPA 99 Standard for Health Care Facilities
  • All Staticworx vinyl flooring meets California 1350 indoor air quality standards

Well Suited For:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, O.R.'s
  • Surface Mount and Wave Solder Areas
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suites
  • Anyplace with a potential for chemical spillage
  • Biotech manufacturing plants
  • Cleanrooms
  • Data Centers
  • IT/Telecommunications
  • Access Floor Environments

Helpful Links

  • How to ground conductive and anti static flooring
  • If you'd like to receive a sample of our Staticworx® ESD Vinyl Tile,
  • contact us by phone or email.
  • For current pricing, click here.

Staticworx ESD floor tiles are in stock for immediate shipment from our California and Georgia warehouses.

Resources/Technical Info


All Staticworx Ameriworx ESD vinyl tile meets ESD Association ( ESDA ) standards. Download complete independent consultant's ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 certification of Staticworx conductive vinyl tile.

All Ameriworx® and Ameriworx® ROX™ tiles contain 10.4% Pre-consumer Recycled Content

How to Ground ESD Flooring for Static Control

Define the boundariesof your ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD protected area (EPA) with our new ESD Message tiles. Available in rubber, vinyl or carpet. Custom designs available.