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Maintaining Rubber Tile & Sheet Flooring

Maintenance Instructions

Eclipse EC Rubber floor covering is designed to retain its appearance with a minimal amount of maintenance and provide slip resistance and exceptional wear-ability. Eclipse Rubber flooring never needs waxes or coatings. This eliminates the downtimes associated with the waxing/stripping/waxing cycle necessary with many other floor coverings.

General Precautions

  • Do not apply any hard coatings to Staticworx® ESD Rubber Flooring.
  • Never use grit brushes or black, green, or blue pads.
  • For regular maintenance, self-contained automatic scrubbing machines may be used for large areas (white pad only.)
  • Pick up spills right away, if possible.
  • For stairs and small areas, special equipment is available from Lever Industrial.
  • Be sure to maintain a good walk-off area in the entrance(s) of your facility. Prevent as much dirt from entering the building as possible. Walk-off mats should be used to wipe dirt and grit from shoes and prevent it from being tracked into the building. The walk-off mats should be cleaned at regular intervals so that they can properly fulfill the task they are intended to do.

Initial Cleaning after Installation

After finishing interior building construction, floor coveringsusually require a thorough cleaning. No sealers are required for Architectural ESD Rubber tile. Initial cleaning procedures should not be performed within the first 72 hours after installation.


  1. Totally sweep or vacuum area to be cleaned.
  2. Apply a diluted pH neutral cleaner such as Staticworx Triboshield to the floor.
  3. Let solution act for 5-10 minutes. Important: Do not allow solution to dry.
  4. Scrub area with a single disc machine (150-300 rpm) and soft nylon brush or white pad.
  5. Remove (wet vacuum) residue.
  6. Rinse with clear water and remove.
  7. Allow floor to thoroughly dry (1-2 hours).
  8. Dry buff floor with single disc rotary buffing machine and soft nylon brush or white pad (not to exceed 300 rpm). Do not heel machine.

Regular Maintenance

Floors subject to heavier traffic will require more frequent interim care than low traffic areas.

Daily Maintenance

  1. Sweep with a clean broom or brush to remove dust and dirt.
  2. To remove light soils, spot clean with a neutral pH cleaner such as Triboshield cleaner.

Interim Maintenance (1-5 times a week)

  1. Sweep with a clean broom or brush to remove dust and dirt.
  2. To remove light soils, spot clean with a neutral pH cleaner such as Triboshield cleaner.

Stain Removal

Most stains can be removed with common solvents. To remove dried iodine-based spills such as Betadine, use a cleaner such as Butcher's "Speedball 2000." Scuffs and black heel marks can be easily removed by spot cleaning with a neutral pH cleaner such as Triboshield cleaner.

Note: Never use wax strippers or high alkaline liquids on Eclipse EC Rubber or Harmony SD Rubber.

Waxes/High Shine

All Staticworx® ESD Rubber Flooring features a built in dirtrepellent, which makes it unnecessary to apply wax coatings to protect the floor. Wax coatings are not recommended for antistatic flooring. Staticworx Spray Buff may be used in high traffic areas.

For questions or assistance, please contact Customer Service at (617) 923-2000, Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm EST.

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