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SD Series ESD Rubber Flooring

Designed for world class environments, Staticworx® SD is an attractive hammered rubber product and is available in six stock colors that would please the most discerning architect or designer.

Tough, yet visually appealing, Staticworx® SD Rubber flooring is perfect for hospitals, recovery rooms, universities, schools, emergency response centers, labs, conference rooms and anywhere comfort, performance and durability are needed. Static generation is less than 100 volts according to ESD STM 97.2 (tested with conductive shoes).

Staticworx® SD Rubber ESD Flooring is resistant to most oils and grease, and is also chemical and hot solder resistant. Able to withstand forklift/heavy wheeled traffic up to 850 PSI rolling load, it's perfect for operating rooms. The shape of contact surfaces of equipment wheels must be flat, shore hardness "A" of the wheels' material must be less than or equal to 90. Easy to maintain, never needs conductive wax. Slip resistance in compliance with ADA guidelines. Exclusive StainBlock feature for easy maintenance. This product is PVC Free and Phthalate Free.

Staticworx® SD Rubber Specifications


Single layer rubber with abundant natural fillers and environmentally compatible color pigments.


3.5 mm

Total Weight:



39.37' x 39.37" tile x 10.76 square feet

Static Generation Comparison
Less than 10 Volts per ESD STM 97.2

20 volts when tested according to ESD STM 97.2

Abrasion Resistance:
(ASTM D 3389 H-18 wheel, 500gm load)

Taber abrasion test, ASTM D 3389, H-18 wheel, 500 gram load, 1000 cycles, gram weight loss not greater than 0.50

System Resistance

1.0 x 106 < System Resistance < 1.0 x 109

*EOS/ESD S97.1 Resistive Characterization of Materials: Six or more readings from surface to groundable point. Tested with an applied voltage of 100V. Measured in Ohms

* Ordinance is a common misspelling of ordnance.



Omo Blue




Download a pdf of the color and specifications for this product.

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