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Eclipse GF ESD Rubber Sheet Flooring with Self-Stick Backing

EclipseGF Rubber Flooring

Introducing Eclipse Glue-Free (GF). The next generation of EclipseRubber Flooring cuts installation time in half.

High moisture? Occupied Space? No Problem

No moisture limits. No need for pH or RH testing. No obstructive drying times. No wait time for cleaning or traffic.

The Problem: Operator error
The use of adhesives adds potential problems to flooring installations. Dry time, seepage between seams, moisture vapor attacking the bond, maintaining the right trowel notches. Lots of problems from “operator error.”

Interlocking flooring: A failed alternative
Adhesive and bonding issues have driven many flooring manufacturers to introduce interlocking, snap-together flooring options. Unfortunately, these solutions have their own issues. Some of these floors must be banged together with rubber mallets, an expensive, slow, and tedious installation method; most of them are made out of plastic like recycled PVC, which requires special SD waxing and/or high-speed burnishing maintenance procedures, After installation, interlocking floors don’t look flat due to cupping and curling from bending the tiles and forcing them to lock together during installation. Because they’re hard and somewhat hollow, static-control interlocking floors make annoying click-clack sounds when people walk on them. Think of it this way: If adhesives are the frying pan, click-together, static-control floors are the fire.

EclipseGF is available only as sheet rolls. It can cover an entire room or be installed strategically as a floor mat, runner, or small island.

Cleanroom in San Diego California: Eclipse GF is the ideal ESD flooring option for cleanrooms. It contains no plasticizers or halogens and it can be installed without wet adhesives. You can even flash cove it up the walls.

The solution:  EclipseGF
It’s no surprise that the cleanest and best-looking floors are seamless. Seamless floors are installed in rolls and are cut using a method that hides the seams between rolls. The seams are invisible. Traditionally, the seamless installation method required dark, carbon-loaded adhesives and caused all the problems that come with glues and trowels. Eclipse GF eliminates these problems. For starters, the adhesive is on the back of the roll – not in a bucket. Even better, the adhesive is unaffected by moisture or pH in the concrete. In fact, no vapor testing is required. And best of all, rubber flooring, unlike plastic flooring, requires no wax and no burnishing because rubber doesn’t collect dirt in the first place.

The only ESD flooring that inhibits static electricity on ordinary footwear

  • Reduces installation time
  • Provides significant material and labor cost savings
  • No moisture or pH limits and no testing required
  • Eliminates the complexity of multiple-component suppliers
  • No need to spread adhesives or replace worn trowels
  • No adhesive open time, allowing for immediate flooring installation
  • No topical mitigation system required
  • Seamless
  • Zero PVC
  • No halogens

EC Rubber Series Colors

(Special order with large minimums)



As colors cannot be assured to accurately appear on all computer monitors, please request a sample.

Overview of Specifications

Specifications Staticworx® EC Rubber
Construction: Two-layer, vulcanized conductive rubber with high quality natural and industrial rubber components.
Thickness: 2 mm
Total Weight: N/A
Size: 4' x 40' rolls
Static Generation Comparison Less than 10 Volts per ESD STM 97.2 < 20 volts when tested according to ESD STM 97.2
Abrasion Resistance:
(ASTM D 3389 H-18 wheel, 500gm load)
Taber abrasion test, ASTM D 3389, H-18 wheel, 500 gram load, 1000 cycles, gram weight loss not greater than 0.70
System Resistance < 1.0 x 106

Staticworx® EC Rubber Flooring Is Ideal For:

  • R & D labs
  • air traffic control areas
  • computer rooms
  • electronics handling
  • wafer fabrication
  • medical electronics
  • clean rooms
  • data centers
  • electronics manufacturing
  • testing-repair areas
  • munitions and ordinance*

The first rubber ESD flooring material that meets all the electrical parameters of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.

Standard ESD rubber flooring will not meet the recommended system resistance limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014. Unfortunately, typical single layer rubber flooring usually provides an electrical resistance that is in the upper spectrum of the range commonly known as static dissipative. This creates a real dilemma for companies trying to stay current or ahead of increasingly demanding ESD standards. According to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014, the recommended floor and footwear system resistance tested per ESD STM97.1 should measure less than 35 meg ohms (3.5X106). That isn't possible for single layer ESD rubber floors; single ply dissipative rubber lacks the inherent conductivity to meet this parameter.

How do most ESD rubber suppliers meet ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014?

Single ply rubber floors meet ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 based upon low walking body voltage parameters. If a floor exhibits less than 100 volts of walking body voltage using controlled footwear that floor can theoretically claim compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014. However, meeting walking body voltage but not system resistance causes severe compliance issues for the quality department during routine certifications and plant audits. Walking body voltage is cumbersome and difficult to measure and monitor and require sophisticated expensive testing methods. It is much easier for owners to test and re-qualify their floors using resistance measuring equipment; anyone can perform resistance tests and the equipment is portable and inexpensive. Walking body voltage is measured using charge plate monitors and should always be evaluated using statistical analysis since there are a number of intervening variables. The Staticworx® EC Series was developed to harmonize with all recommended electrical parameters of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 and not just meet the requirements through a loop-hole like walking body voltage. With Staticworx® EC, there is no compromise.

Are you looking for static flooring for a command center, control room, E-9-1-1 dispatcher area or data center? Did you know that EC rubber prevents static in applications where people will be wearing standard shoes?

Vinyl interlocking floors generate static unless they are used with special conductive shoes. Rubber is the only static resistant flooring that works regardless of footwear. MIT testing recently demonstrated that rubber is the only static resistant flooring that works regardless of footwear.

Will Staticworx® EC reduce walking body voltage on people?

Staticworx® EC will prevent walking body voltages above 10 volts when used in conjunction with controlled footwear - regardless of relative humidity.

Test results from MIT Lincoln Laboratories demonstrate that a static conductive rubber (not static dissipative) can significantly inhibit the accumulation of static electricity on people, regardless of footwear.

But, Staticworx® EC also prevents significant accumulation of static even in situations where grounded footwear is forgotten or not used. Ask us for the independent test reports about Staticworx® EC and take the time to read the study that lead to the development of the first fault tolerant ESD flooring material.

Two layer vulcanized construction combines the static control advantages of conductive flooring with ergonomic and safety advantages of rubber flooring.

  • Designed for ANSI/ESD S20.20 and class 0 ESD flooring applications.
  • Unlike SD rubber, Eclipse will never lose its ability to dissipate static
  • Lifetime electrical resistance. Resistance to ground is typically in the 100,000 - < 1,000,000 ohm range.
  • Walking body voltage with heel straps is less than 10 volts at extremely low relative humidity (12%).
  • Walking body voltage with ordinary footwear is < 0.5 kV
  • Available in tiles or sheet goods. Can be installed on access floors
  • Rated best flooring for Cleanrooms.
  • Maintenance cost is half the cost of vinyl
  • No PVC, Halogen-free

Typical static dissipative rubber usually has electrical properties at or above the upper limit of resistance recommended in ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014. Vulcanized construction of Staticworx® EC provides a perfect balance between conductivity and safety.

Click here to Download full Eclipse GF and EC Brochure.

Do you need strategic static protection?

Eclipse EC Rubber is now available as runners and floor and chair mats.
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Staticworx has the only Class 0 Certified ESD floor.

Staticworx EC rubber chosen by Magazine as a Top Money-Saving Product.

Installation Solution!
EC ESD Rubber sheet flooring can be installed with instant-set, dry adhesive StaticFix

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ESD Message tiles.
Available in rubber, vinyl or carpet.Custom designs available.