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GroundWorx SF Coating

GroundWorx - SF Epoxy Floor Coating in an SMT facility in Austin Texas

An application of our inexpensive Coat ZF adds shine and minimizes maintenance costs.

GroundWorx - SF is a budget friendly, static conductive, matte finish, epoxy coating that installs in a minimum of two coats.

  • System Resistance < 35 megohms meets ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • Resistance to ground (RTG) S7.1: 25,000 ohms to 10 megohms (2.5 X 10 E4 - 1.0 X 10 E7)
  • Charge generation less than 20 volts per test method ANSI/ESD S97.2
  • Economic ESD floor coating - Less than $1.00/sq ft
  • Can be installed over wood, old VCT floors and concrete
  • Easy roll-on application - Anyone can install GroundWorx - SF
  • Quick turnaround - Light traffic 12 hours after application
  • Chemical & Abrasion Resistant

This coating was specifically engineered for situations where a substantial investment in high-end flooring might not be justified because the floor space may be temporary or redeployed for other usage in the future. Despite its low cost, GroundWorx - SF ESD Epoxy meets the static control flooring requirements of the 2007 revision of ANSI/ESD S20.20. GroundWorx - SF provides a seamless matte finish to almost any sub-floor surface.

GroundWorx - SF is a two part polymeric ESD epoxy coating that can be applied by both novices and professionals. Many of our clients actually apply their GroundWorx - SF ESD floor themselves. GroundWorx - SF is extremely easy to repair; it's ideal for challenging applications like warehouses and fork lift applications. GroundWorx - SF can even be installed in occupied spaces with adequate ventilation.

New: GroundWorx - SF is now available with a clear topcoat for gloss and reduced tribocharging.

Ask your Staticworx Rep about GroundWorx - SF plus Coat HG

  • Lifetime Conductive Properties per ANSI/ESD S7.1-2005
  • Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 (S97.1 and S97.2), DOD 4145.26M, HDBK263A,
  • Provides guranteed system resistance below S20.20 upper limit of 35 Meg-ohms
  • Anti-Slip Finish, Made in the USA
  • Anyone can apply GroundWorx - SF
  • Easy to maintain
  • Meets GroundSafe Initiative for performance and safety




Recommended Applications:

Electronic Assembly, Test, Repair and Handling, Data and Telephony Closets, BGA rework, Shipping, Receiving, Warehouses, Leased spaces, Pallet drop zones, Box build, SMT and any space requiring permanent low cost ESD flooring.

GroundWorx - SF Application and Maintenance

New concrete floors should be allowed to cure a minimum of thirty days. Application to floors colder than 60 F is not recommended. Floor surfaces must be free of any release agents, curing compounds, salts or efflorescence before coating. Sweep and then wash floors with an appropriate cleaning product to remove oil, grease, and soil. Follow by etching surface with an etching solution, and then thoroughly rinse with clean water.

If floor has been previously coated, a small area should be cleaned, roughed up by screen disking with an 80 Grit screen. A single application of GroundWorx - SF should be applied over the old coating and allowed to dry. The trial area should be tested for adhesion, lifting, etc. Any areas of the existing coating which display poor adhesion should be stripped. Wash the stripped areas, acid etch, and rinse thoroughly. Allow the floor to dry.

Catalyzed GroundWorx - SF should be used within six hours of mixing, therefore, prepare only the quantity necessary for immediate use. Add premeasured catalyst to epoxy base. Stir gently until the catalyst has been thoroughly mixed in. Allow catalyzed GroundWorx - SF to stand for 5 minutes.

Apply catalyzed GroundWorx - SF with a short nap roller in thin, uniform coats. The initial coat will cover approximately 400-500 ft2 per gallon. Allow the initial coat to dry for 5-7 hours, and then apply a second coat. Second coat coverage is approximately 500-600 ft2 per gallon.

NOTE: This product is not recommended for applications that experience reoccurring standing water. Finished floors may be opened to light traffic, under normal curing conditions, after 12 hours. Complete curing with maximum durability and chemical resistance will take 5-7 days.

Staticworx previously manufactured GroundWorx - SF Coating under the brand name SmartCoat. SmartCoat is a trademarked house paint, not an ESD coating, available from Lifetyme Interiors. To prevent market confusion, our SmartCoat ESD Epoxy was rebranded GroundWorx - SF in 2006.

*Epoxy Materials are a non-returnable item.

**Staticworx® is not responsible for joint repair after installation of epoxy.