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Static Control Epoxy Flooring

HighBuild is a static conductive, three layer static control epoxy coating manufactured for high traffic manufacturing , assembly and static sensitive areas where a glossy finish is preferred.

  • 20 mil thick three layer epoxy - Less than $2/sq ft
  • Can be installed over wood, old VCT floors and concrete
  • High Gloss Finish- Never requires waxing or buffing
  • Quick turnaround - Light traffic 12 hours after application
  • Permanent Static control - 5-Year Limited ESD Warranty
  • Electrical Resistance 1.0 x 10e5 to 5.0 x 10e5
  • Limits static charge generation to less than 15 volts
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant

Meets all aspects of ANSI/ESD S20.20 for use as a grounded floor in an electronics manufacturing facility.

Triple Component Installation

Three separate coats are required when installing this product:

  1. Primer Base Coat
  2. Conductive Ground Plane
  3. ESD Top Coat

These three layers build up to a 20 mil thick conductive ESD epoxy floor that will withstand heavy forklift and heister traffic as well as providing a conductive ESD floor for areas working with open circuit boards and static sensitive equipment.

The Top Coat layer is available in three colors: Medium Blue, Medium Green, and Medium Gray.

Medium Blue

Medium Green

Medium Gray


To maintain the HighBuilds high gloss finish, use the following procedures.

  • Dust mop on a regular basis as needed.
  • Damp mop with a neutral PH detergent as needed or scrub periodically with an automatic scrubber using a neutral PH detergent and NON-ABRASIVE scrub pads such as white, red or tan polished pads.


Appropriate applications for this type of floor finish include:

  • Manufacturing & assembly areas
  • Research & Development
  • Computer storage and warehousing areas
  • Component Testing and Repair

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