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ESD Carpeting Sensitivity

With its patented conductive fiber construction, Staticworx® ESD Carpet safely and effectively dissipates static at a controlled rate.

The Helix Fiber conductive monofilament fiber is twisted into every tuft, creating 100 or more conductive contact points per square inch.

Static charges are ionized at the surface of the carpet and conducted directly to ground through a conductive thermoplastic backing and patented conductive adhesive system.

Low kV or Computer Grade carpet does NOT remove static charges.

Regular antistatic carpets suppress static so you won't get a shock. To protect today's high speed computer equipment, static charges must be removed. Even if you don't feel it, staticy carpet can cause mulitple problems for networked offices, electronics manufacturing, home offices or anywhere electronics are handled or used. This includes telephone equipment and headsets as well!

The chart below shows the difference in static charges generated by "Low kV" antistatic carpet and;Staticworx® ESD carpet used with and without heel straps.