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ESD Carpet tile for SMT manufacturing and electronic labs

Shadow FX Static Control Carpet Tile in a surface mount manufacturing facility

Photo taken through a glass window in the ABX conference room
ABX Engineering
875 Stanton Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 552-2300

Shadow FX Static Dissipative Carpet tile in ABX Lobby.
Color: Forest Floor

Shadow FX carpet is everywhere inside ABX. This enables ABX personnel to transport static sensitive parts anywhere in the facility including the lobby, offices and even the conference room.

Shadow FX Carpet meets or exceeds the new static generation criteria in the 2014 revision of ANSI/ESD S20.20. All Staticworx flooring has been independently tested and certified for static control performance by Fowler Labs in Moore, South Carolina.

Shadow FX Carpet Tiles are produced with a unique design called Random and non-directional (RND).  RND designs eliminate the ability to detect seams between tiles. RND technology extends the life of a carpet tile installation by masking wear patterns from traffic and abuse. Shadow FX carpet tiles will never lose their dissipative properties.

Want this look in your facility or lab but you don’t want to permanently install a new floor?

ShadowFX tiles can be installed glue-less using our patent pending GroundBridge process. GroundBridge allows you to install your floor today and move it to a new location whenever you want. See this 4 step process to learn more: /articles/static-free-island.php