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Aisle-Safe Anti Static Mats and Floor Runners for Mission Critical Environments

Eclipse Rubber flooring and runners meets IBM's static electricity and floor resistance recommendations for data centers.

Rubber matting in an industrial setting

An effective solution for spaces where an unwanted static discharge could compromise your operation

  • Under chairs
  • Along rows of server racks
  • Around electronic phone equipment
  • Near entry areas and doors

Aisle-Safe static floor runners prevent and dissipate static charges no matter how dry the air might be. Attractive and durable, this antistatic runner is ideal as a static free bridge between critical operations. It can be used as a runner, floor mat, or even as a permanently installed flooring material.
Aisle-Safe's lifetime construction meets:
Class 0
DOD 4145.26-M
ANSI/ESD S20.20 

Based on testing from MIT Aisle-Safe is the only static control floor material that prevents static on people wearing any kind of footwear

Read this article to learn how rubber solved a static problem in an emergency police call center

Anti-slip construction meets ADA Guidelines

Lays flat: 2 millimeter thickness allows easy rolling of chairs and carts without curling.
Can be loose placed or bonded to old VCT and concrete

Extreme low voltage generation:
Protects below .4 kv . No other mat or antistatic floor can do this.

Safe: Unlike metal grating and ESD grade carpet tile, Aisle-Safe is made with built-in electrical resistance so it is safe to use around operational computers, servers and electrical appliances. Read why safety and resistance are important here.

For use in: Labs, Data Centers, Server Rooms, Electronics Manufacturing, Emergency 9-1-1 Call Centers,  Cleanrooms, War Rooms, Gaming Areas, Control Rooms

Standard Sizes:

  • AS44: 4 feet wide by 4 feet long
  • AS48: 4 feet wide by 8 feet long
  • AS410: 4 feet wide by 10 feet long

Also Available in tile and 40 foot rolls for full area permanent installations

Aisle-Safe Rolls Ready to Ship Quick-Ship Colors*

Largo ESD Rubber

Presto ESD Rubber

*Custom sizes are available.

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