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Eclipse Rubber Flooring

EclipseEC Rubber Flooring EclipseEC Rubber Flooring

Eclipse Rubber: The Best Choice for Data Centers, Electronics Handling, Cleanrooms, and More!

ESD analysts recommend rubber flooring for applications where static discharge can’t be tolerated. Rubber has inherent anti-static properties, is easy to maintain, durable, and sustainable.

EclipseRubber is our flagship, award-winning line of rubber flooring. It is often the preferred choice of end users, architects, and contractors for cleanrooms, labs, and mission-critical facilities such as server rooms, hospitals, data centers, electronics manufacturing, electronics handling, schools, and more.

EclipseRubber comes with a Lifetime Conductivity Warranty…and it brings you lifetime peace of mind.

  • Best ESD performance
  • Meets Class 0 ESD Requirements
  • Rated: Cleanest material Lowest Outgassing
  • GREENGUARD Certified

Two Versions
Now, we are offering two versions of EclipseRubber:
Click to learn more about these products.

In the chart below, we outline the many common attributes of EC and GF as well as a couple of differences to help you decided which version of EclipseRubber best meets your needs.

Click here to Download full Eclipse GF and EC Brochure.

It's all about the pores:
Why does dirt collect, and what makes rubber different from PVC and other plastic flooring? Plastic flooring contains plasticizers, which are used to make plastic flexible. As plastic ages, plasticizers migrate out of the flooring, making it brittle and porous. If this sounds unfamiliar, think about a "new car smell." That so-called smell is the odor of plasticizers. An old car doesn't smell like a new car because the plasticizers in the seats, doors, and dashboard have all migrated into the air, and they have left behind a plastic surface that needs to be cleaned and waxed with products like Armor All®.

The surface of Staticworx® EC Rubber Magnified 100:1

Large dirt collecting pores in plastic interlocking floor tile Magnified 100:1