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ShadowFX™ SDC with TacTiles®

Looking for easy installation of Staticworx ESD Carpet Tile over your bare access floor panels?
ShadowFX SDC with TacTiles® is your solution.

Better than Peel and Stick at Half the Cost
of Noisy Hard Surface Interlocking Floors

  • ShadowFX SDC with TacTiles ensure installation economy - no adhesive required
  • ShadowFX SDC carpet with TacTiles are guaranteed to meet all ESD standards for any application
  • ShadowFX SDC carpet with dissipative backing becomes grounded upon contact with panels
  • ShadowFX SDC carpet tiles can be lifted and reapplied

Any Staticworx Carpet Tile can be applied with TacTiles

Installation is easy:
Just set a ShadowFX SDC carpet tile on your raised access panels and your installation is complete and grounded. The TacTile installation meets ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 and come with a lifetime conductivity warranty.

See photos of Shadow FX Static Control Carpet Tile in a surface mount manufacturing facility.

Visit our Shadow Effects SDC Page

Why are ShadowFX carpet tiles with TacTiles grounded upon contact?

Bare steel access flooring panels are grounded through the structure of the entire raised floor installation. The bottom of Staticworx ESD carpet tiles is 100% static dissipative. Static Dissipative carpet becomes grounded whenever it contacts metal surfaces that are grounded.

TacTiles are the ideal solution for a glue-free installation

Sticky side up! TacTiles are placed below the backing of Shadow FX SDC Carpet tiles

TacTiles are conveniently packaged by the roll

More Information

Glue-free installation of ShadowFX carpet tiles on access flooring

Learn about static dissipative carpet

Want to install Carpet tile over bare concrete without using any glue?

Note to Spec Writers
X/Y = MR = Industry Recognized Metric
Learn why Modification Ratio defines durability, appearance and performance

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Ask your Staticworx representative for information on TacTiles and other one-to-one installation options for your raised access floor by calling 617-923-2000.

Compatible with Tate Access Flooring, ASM Modular, FreeAxez, Haworth, Steelcase Nesso and others.