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ESD Flooring Adhesive

Note: Vapor problems are preventable with integrally applied
pH resistant adhesive. Click here to learn about Eclipse GF

How does conductive adhesive work

How does conductive adhesive work?

Without conductive adhesives, ESD tiles would have no place to discharge unwanted static charges, learn more.

Floorscore Indoor Air Quality Certification of Groundtack and Statbond Conductive Adhesives SCS Global Services does hereby certify that the following Flooring Adhesives:
Statbond 5010 Conductive PU, Statbond Conductive Acrylic, GroundTack® Clear Releasable Conductive, meets all of the necessary qualifications to be certified for the following claim:
Indoor Air Quality Certified to SCS-EC10.3-2014 v3.0
Conforms to the CDPH/EHLB Standard Method v1.1-2010 (effective January 1, 2012) for the school classroom, private office, and single-family residence parameters when modeled as Flooring. Also, conforms to the SCAQMD Rule 1168 - Adhesive and Sealants (January 2005); Hong Kong Air Pollution Control (VOC) Regulation.

Conductive Adhesive Options

Choose from the menu below to find the appropriate conductive adhesive for ESD flooring:

Adhesive Options ShadowFX ESD Carpet Tile Ameriworx SD and EC ESD Vinyl Tile Eclipse EC Rubber Tile Harmony and Architectural
SD Rubber
Eclipse EC Rubber Sheet ESD Vinyl Sheet
GroundTack® Conductive Adhesive** Yes Yes Yes No Yes* Yes
Statbond™ Counductive Adhesive, 1 Part Acrylic** No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non Conductive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive No No No No Yes Yes
Statbond, 5010 Conductive 2-Part PU Adhesive No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dry, Conductive Adhesive
(available in rolls)
Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Staticfix, flooring installation tape (adhesive alterative), available in rolls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Contact Staticworx for specific details at 617-923-2000.
**Available for immediate shipment

Available in 1-gallon and 4-gallon pails, GroundTack and Statbond ESD, Conductive Adhesives can be ordered directly from Staticworx by calling 617-923-2000.

Understanding Moisture and Adhesives

You need to understand moisture vapor testing before installing any static control flooring adhesives on new or old concrete. Visit our moisture vapor information section. Be sure to test your concrete for moisture. Order a Moisture Test Kit, also known as a Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kit, from Staticworx for $14.00 + shipping.

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