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Amount of Static Charge Generated by Footwear

Static Charge Generated While Walking Flooring and Footwear Comparison

Static Charge Generated While Walking Flooring and Footwear Comparison

Selecting the best flooring solution isn't as simple as checking off Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. Fortunately, there is evidence-based design that can help you match flooring with your unique environment.

Overall, it is essential to understand the relationship between the various forms of static-control flooring and the types of footwear people will wear while working in you space. Many combinations of footwear and ESD flooring actually generate significant static charges even though you would expect just the opposite. For example, conductive and static dissipative vinyl and epoxy provide no static-control benefits with ordinary shoes. Different types of ESD footwear also perform differently across brands of the same type of flooring. Because of this, you could unknowingly risk damage to equipment, product returns, facility downtime, communication errors, and liability.

The chart below outlines the performance of ordinary footwear, ESD shoes, and ESD heel straps on the five main forms of ESD flooring. Here you can see the differences in static charge generation with the same forms of flooring from multiple manufacturers.

Before making a final decision on a flooring supplier, check to see if its flooring has been tested by an independent lab for performance with many types of ESD footwear and standard footwear and ask to see the full report.

For more information on static charge generation, please visit our Knowledge Center. For help selecting a flooring product for your environment, please see our Flooring Selector Chart .

Download the Walking Body Voltage Info Graphic

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