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ShadowFX™ SDC - Vermont Slate Collection ESD Carpet Tiles

ESD carpet tiles example

Ideal Carpet for Electronics Manufacturing and
  24/7 Critical Environments

Designed to address the most stringent static control requirements
Built to withstand heavy traffic and abuse

Staticworx Vermont Slate carpet-tile collection provides the durability and high performance you expect from Staticworx floors in a design that transports you to the mountains of Vermont. Warm, monochromatic earth tones promote a peaceful environment, inspiring creativity and a sense of wellbeing and connectedness.

The rock-like etchings in our Vermont Slate carpet tiles flow seamlessly across the surface of the floor in a non-directional or monolithic installation. Merge-ability enables mixing dye lots and saves money by allowing you to add new or replace worn or damaged tiles without worrying about dye lot compatibility.

  • Mergeable design - eliminates worry about matching dye lots
  • No fade – solution-dyed yarn prevents fading
  • Non-directional install method – easy to install and replace
  • Durable – rated for high traffic
  • Superior static control performance – meets the most stringent ESD standards including ANSI/ESD S20.20 and IEC 61340-5-1:2016*
    • Lifetime warranty for static control.
  • Static dissipative – meets standards for electronics manufacturing, telecom and government spaces**
*Safety and Superior Static Control

Vermont Slate Meets Newest Safety Standards for the Following Environments:

  • Electronics handling environments: ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.
    • Resistance: 1 x 106 – 1 x 108: ANSI/ESD S7.1, ANSI/ESD 97.1
    • Voltage generation < 100 volts: ANSI/ESD 97.2
  • Air traffic systems: FAA.STD 019f.
  • Equipment rooms, telecommunication areas, and dispatch centers: Motorola R56 Guidelines.
  • Network operator equipment areas: ATIS-0600321.2015.
  • Healthcare facilities: NFPA 99.
  • The controlled electrical properties of Staticworx Vermont Slate collection make it the best choice for electrical safety without compromising performance.

At < 100 volts, Vermont Slate meets the static-protection requirements for charge generation for all Classes of ESD-Sensitive components and assemblies:

Class Voltage Range
Class 0 < 250 volts
Class 1A 250 volts to < 500 volts
Class 1B 500 volts to <1,000 volts
Class 1C 1,000 volts to <2,000 volts
Class 2 2,000 volts to <4,000 volts
Class 3A 4,000 volts to <8,000 volts
Class 3B ≥ 8,000 volts

ESDS Component Sensitivity Classification for the Human Body Model (Per ESD-STM5.1)

Cost Effective

  • Non-directional design eliminates the hassle of matching patterns and dye batches, and hides wear and tear—the main cause of carpet tile replacement. This results in significant savings.
  • Installed with releasable adhesives. Releasable adhesives allow for easy removal of individual tiles, as opposed to having to remove entire rolls of broadloom carpet. This significantly reduces installation waste.
  • Glue-free option, using TacTiles, means carpet can be installed without disrupting critical 24/7 operations.


  • Can be installed non-directionally, making it ideal for raised access floors.
  • Mergeable dye lots allow you to replace tiles from future batches without concern for matching the original installation.
  • Slight variations are listed under Additional Specifications

Visually Appealing

  • Unique design patterns use biomimicry to simulate the random beauty of nature.
    • Promotes calming effect
  • Non-directional design and mergeable dye lots allow easy tile replacement and mask wear, providing long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

Sustainable, Durable, Reliable

  • Contains almost 50% recycled content and has low-emitting material.
  • May qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.
  • 100% of yarn bundles are wrapped with Helix 44 denier static-control fiber.
  • Withstands over 100,000 cycles of Phillips roller caster chair test.
  • Fibers rated at < 2.0 Modification Ratio
  • Lifetime warranty for static control.
  • Made in America.

ShadowFX™ SDC - Vermont Slate Collection Colors

Black Maple ESD Carpet
Black Maple
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Caspian Shoreline Carpet Tile
Caspian Shoreline
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Cedar Wood Carpet Tile
Cedar Wood
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Champlain Shoreline ESD Carpet tile
Champlain Shoreline
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Hoosic Riverbed Carpet Tile
Hoosic Riverbed
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Northern Hardwoods Carpet Tile
Northern Hardwoods
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Otter Creekbed ESD Carpet
Otter Creekbed
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Red Pine Bark Carpet Tile
Red Pine Bark
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Vermont Black Bear Carpet Tile
Vermont Black Bear
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Vermont Gray Slate Carpet Tile
Vermont Gray Slate
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
White Riverbed Carpet Tile
White Riverbed
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.
Willoughby Shoreline ESD Carpet
Willoughby Shoreline
Actual tile size is 50cm x 50cm.

How to Qualify and Specify an ESD Floor

What is your application? If you're qualifying a floor, it matters. ESD flooring should always be qualified and specified based on ANSI/ASTM, ATIS, or other industry-specific standards.

Universal standards - based on application and environmental conditions - vary by industry. For electronics manufacturing and handling applications, where special ESD footwear is required, specifications should be based on ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.

Specifications should reference test methods ANSI/ESD STM 7.1 and STM 97.2.

Standards for ESD flooring materials for electronics manufacturing and handling:

  • Resistance, measured in ohms, per STM 7.1:
    • < 1.0 x 109 ohms
  • Charge generation, measured in volts, per STM 97.2:
    • < 100 volts at peak 

Floors for end-user spaces where electrified (operational) equipment is in use, refer to standards specific to the industry – e.g. Motorola R56,  ATIS-0600321.2015for telecom and dispatcher spaces, FAA 019f for FAA flight towers, Army Corps of Engineers, Spec #: UFGS 09 62 38, for construction of military services, etc.

Standards for most end-user spaces:

  • Resistance, measured in ohms, per STM 7.1:
    • 1.0 X 106 to 1.0 X 109 
  • Charge generation, measured in volts, per STM 97.2:
    • < 500 volts (.5 kV)

Installation Methods

non-directional Layout


Monolithic Layout




General Specifications

Product Construction Tufted Textured Loop
Yarn System Post-Consumer Content Type 6,6 Nylon
Yarn Manufacturer Universal
Dye Method 100% Solution Dyed
Dye Lots Mergeable
Soil/Stain Protection Protekt²®
Preservative Protection Intersept®
Imperial Metric
Tufted Yarn Weight 17 oz/yd² 576 g/m²
Machine Gauge 1/12 in 47.2 ends/10cm
Pile Height 0.13 in 3.3 mm
Pile Thickness 0.071 in 1.8 mm
Stitches 9 /in 35.4 ends/10cm
Pile Density 8,620 oz/yd³ 319,627.7 g/m³
Size 19.69 in x 19.69 in 50cm x 50cm

Performance Specifications

Flooring Radiant Panel (ASTM E-648) Passes
Smoke Density (ASTM E 662) ≤ 450
Flammability Passes Methenamine Pill Test (DOC-FF1-70)
Lightfastness (AATCC 16 - E) ≥ 4.0 @ 60 AFU's
Static (AATCC - 134) < 3.0 KV
Dimensional Stability AACHEN Din 54318 <.10%
Traffic Classification Heavy
Fiber Modification Ratio 1.7 to 1.9
Preservative Efficacy (AATCC 174 Parts 2&3) 99% Reduction/No Mold 7 Days
(ASTM E-2471) Complete Inhibition

Environmental Specifications

Total Recycled Content 63%
Recycled Content
(Post Industrial)
Recycled Content
(Post Consumer)
Indoor Air Quality Green Label Plus #GLP0820
Ingredients and Life Cycle Impacts Environmental Product Declaration
Other Environmental Claims 3rd Party Verified Carbon Neutral
NSF/ANSI 140 Gold - Sustainability Assessment
End of Life Carpet to Carpet Recycling

Electrical Resistance

Conductive Fiber Staticworx Helix 44 Denier Conductive Fiber
kV Rating AATCC 134-1996 electrostatic propensity: less than 0.4 kV (400 volts). Tested at 12% relative humidity at 20°C and 70° F
Body Voltage Generation (BVG) Per ANSI/ESD S97.2 Voltage on person in combination wwith grounded carpet tile <50 volts. Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 requirements for use in EPAs in electronics manufacturing.
ESD S7.1/NFPA 99 Resistance Characterization of Materials Nine or more readings from surface to groundable point. Tested with an applied voltage of 100V. Measured in OHMs, 1.0 x 106 – 1.0 x 108
ESD S7.1/NFPA 99 Resistive Characterization of Materials Nine or more readings between electrodes placed 1 foot apart. Tested with an applied voltage of 100V. Measured in OHMs, 1.0 x 106 – 1.0 x 108 Meets Motorola R56 and ATIS-0600321 for use in telecommunications applications. Meets FAA STD 0196 for use in flight control applications. Approved for EPAs per ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • System resistance per ANSI/ESD S97.1 < 3.5 X 107
  • Charge generation per ANSI/ESD S97.2 < 100 volts
Electrical Resistance/Voltage Test ANSI/ESD S-20.20 Approved for use in EPAs in electronic manufacturing with approved footwear system. Results within recommended range < 35 x 106 OHM or < 100 volts.
D.O.D. HDBK263A, Section 40.1.2 Meets recommended guidelines for sensitive ESD devices. Class 1.
Roller Caster Electrical Test (CET) proven Product meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 after 125,000 cycles.
Groundable Path Copper ground strip.
Grounding Frequency 1 per 1,000 sq. ft.
Backing Systems Permanent static-dissipative backing.
Adhesives Use only Staticworx-approved conductive adhesives. GroundTack pressure sensitive. GroundWise corner pads for adhesive-free instalations over raised access floors.
Note to Spec Writers
X/Y = MR = Industry Recognized Metric
Learn why Modification Ratio defines durability, appearance and performance

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Want to go glueless?

All styles can be installed with GroundTack® adhesive or Go Glue-less using TacTiles® and GroundBridge™