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Critical Ohms Range Information Chart for Static Control Floors

Do you know the difference between a dissipative carpet and a conductive carpet?

Are You Complacent about Compliance?

Don't write your spec until you know which one is approved by standards organizations for your application.

Depending on the application, conductive carpet may not be an approved option based on standards organizations and local codes. Mission critical grounding standards for call centers, control rooms and server rooms require static dissipative floors – not conductive ones. If the supplier spec sheet states 
2.5 x 104 – 1.0 x 108 ohms – that’s a conductive material! It doesn’t matter who the supplier is or which customers are already using it.  The floor doesn’t comply with standards. The range needs to be 1.0 x 106 – 1.0  x 109 ohms.

This PDF contains a simple reference chart to help you identify which standard you should reference when choosing a floor for any mission critical type space. We always recommend that you require written certification from your supplier that the floor meets the standard you reference once the installation has been completed .

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