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ESD Flooring Options for FAA Flight Control Areas

ESD Carpet  Flooring

While trying to identify the correct resistance range of flooring installed in FAA flight control towers and flight areas, have you been told to specify conductive flooring because it discharges faster?

Since this flooring will be used in areas with energized equipment, what is the logic of this recommendation?

What do you recommend and how would we support a different recommendation?

Click here to see our recommendation.

Have you been tasked with specifying or installing static control flooring in a FAA flight control area?

There are several considerations:

The following Staticworx floors offer the best compatibility for FAA flight control areas:

  1. Best option: ShadowFX Carpet Tile
  2. Crystalline SD Sheet

FAA Flight Control Area Concerns: Flooring Selection Matrix


Staticworx Rubber Flooring Staticworx ShadowFX Carpet
Antistatic with standard footwear Yes Yes
Sound absorbent Yes Yes
Anti slip Yes Yes
No wax option Yes Yes
Easy rolling of chairs Yes No
Permanent static control properties: Lifetime warranty Yes Yes
Access floor compatible Yes Yes
Non glare surface Yes Yes
Low odor installation Yes Yes
Meet FAA-STD-019e Yes Yes
Easily cleaned Yes No
No out-gassing Yes Yes
Meets Indoor Air Quality Standard 1350 Yes Yes
Lint free surface: will not trap particles Yes No

Staticworx recognizes the unique ESD prevention challenges presented by FAA flight control areas.

Our technical team is happy to help answer any questions regarding the right specification for FAA flight control areas. Please call us 617-923-2000.

Watch the Video How to Choose Anti-Static Carpet for 911 Call Centers and FAA Applications

Other applications can include:

Engineering labs, government data centers (National Archives, IRS, SSA, NSA, FBI, etc.), war rooms, communications centers and military base electronics labs.


Government personnel can buy direct from Staticworx® and take advantage of free shipping within the continental United States by:

1. Call 617-923-2000

2. Email our Federal Sales Director, click here to email Dave.

9-1-1 MagazineApproximately 70% of anti-static and ESD floors installed in end-user environments such as emergency dispatch centers are improperly specified. This article will help you comply with appropriate standards and meet the expected standard of care.

Download a PDF version

What You Need to Know about Anti Static Flooring for Telecommunication Areas & Public Safety Emergency 911 Communications Rooms:

Use Appropriate Grounding Standards: Motorola R56 and ATIS-0600321-2010
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Resources/Technical Info

Comparison of static dissipative carpet with conductive carpet

Are you confused about whether it's recommended to use static dissipative or conductive carpet tile in your application? We have created a simple reference chart showing various grounding standards and which electrical range should be used based on various applications for ESD floors.

Download the PDF