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ESD Flooring Options for Factory & Electronics Manufacturing

ESD  Flooring

Numerous Static Dissipative and Static Conductive Options Exist for Electronics testing, Handling and Manufacturing.

The resistance properties (ohms rating) of ESD floors are not the only important parameter.

Before making a selection you need to understand:

In this short video you will learn about Static dissipative versus conductive flooring:

Appropriate static flooring options:

ESD Epoxy Flooring

Review ESD Epoxy Flooring

ESD Rubber Flooring

Review ESD Rubber Flooring

ESD Vinyl Flooring

Review ESD Vinyl Flooring

The ShadowFX™ SD Carpet Tile

Review The ShadowFX™ SD Carpet Tile

Resources/Technical Info

  See photos of Shadow FX Static Control Carpet Tile in a surface mount manufacturing facility.

How to Ground an ESD Floor.