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ESD Flooring Options for Architects

ESD  Flooring

Architectural Binder

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Architectural Binder ESD Flooring

AIA and IDEC-Accredited Free Continuing Education Course

Learn more and get credit with our AIA/CES accredited course

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registered provider: AIA accredited continuing education course  registered provider: AIA accredited continuing education course

9-1-1 MagazineApproximately 70% of anti-static and ESD floors installed in end-user environments such as emergency dispatch centers are improperly specified. This article will help you comply with appropriate standards and meet the expected standard of care.

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Also ask about our "Lunch & Learn" presentations to educate your staff on static control flooring.

Static control specialists for more than thirty years, Staticworx® is recognized by architects across the US as the go-to people for static control flooring.

Our esd carpet, esd vinyl tile, esd rubber tile and esd epoxy flooring combine exceptional quality with superior performance. But make no mistake about it: Our ESD floors are not simple utilitarian products. Available in a wide variety of attractive styles and designs, our ESD floor coverings meet the aesthetic approval of the most discerning architect or interior designer.

At Staticworx® , we partner with architects to help you better understand the static control needs of your clients.

At our Lunch and Learn workshop, you'll learn —

  • The difference between conductive flooring and static dissipative flooring products.
  • What grounding means and why it's important to static control floors.
  • How to write specifications that conform to ANSI and ASTM standards.
  • How to select permanent ESD Flooring solutions based on the liabilities your customers face.

Our seminars are presented in everyday, easy to understand language. When you leave, you'll know how to specify the correct ESD flooring product for various mission critical and manufacturing operations.

Learn more about our Lunch and Learn ESD Workshop

Or, for more information on our Lunch and Learn programs, contact Staticworx® at (617) 923-2000.

Color Selections for ESD Floor Product

ESD Floor Product
Staticworx® ESD Carpet/Tile: ShadowFX™ Series
ShadowFX™ SDC Solids
ShadowFX™ SDC Patterns
ShadowFX™ SDC Furrows
ShadowFX™ SDC Chenille Warp
ShadowFX™ ESD Planx Vermont Collection
ShadowFX™ SDC - Vermont Slate Collection
Staticworx® ESD Epoxy: High-Build ESD Epoxy
Groundworx ESD Epoxy
Staticworx® ESD Rubber: Rhino RC Rubber
EC Rubber
Crystalline SD Sheet
Staticworx® ESD Vinyl: Ameriworx™ Series
Specification Guides for ESD Carpet and Vinyl Tile, Rubber, and ESD Epoxy Flooring
Staticworx® ESD Carpet Tile Carpet Specifications (.doc)
Staticworx®Rubber: Rubber Specifications (.doc)
Staticworx® ESD Epoxy: Epoxy Specifications (.doc)
Installation Instructions for ESD Flooring (PDF)
Staticworx® ESD Carpet/Tile: Modular Installations
Access Floor Installations
Staticworx® ESD Epoxy: High-Build ESD Monolithic Seamless Floor Coatings
Staticworx® ESD Vinyl: Vinyl Installation Guidelines
Staticworx® ESD Rubber: Rubber Installations Guidelines
Maintenance Instructions for ESD Floors (PDF)
Carpet Maintenance
ESD Flooring Informational Sheets (PDF)
Staticworx® Carpet Construction Staticworx® ESD Vinyl Flooring Brochure
ESD Flooring Comparison Chart ESD Flooring Adhesive Specifier Chart