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Applications for ESD Flooring Products

ESD Flooring Application Overviews

Factory and Electronics Manufacturing Flooring Applications

>ESD Flooring Application Overviews
  • Computer and PCB Assemby
  • Test
  • Configuration and ESDS Device Handling
  • Automated Assembly Areas
  • Electronic Assembly Areas
  • Automated Guided Vehicle Areas
  • Surface Mount and Wave Solder Areas
  • BGA Rework
  • Box Build
  • Wafer Fab
  • Clean Rooms
  • Labs
  • Repair

Government ESD Flooring Applications

  • War Rooms
  • Command Centers
  • E-9-1-1 Call Centers
  • NASA Command Centers
  • AFSS
  • Communications Centers
  • NASR
  • Engineering Labs
  • Government Data Centers:
    National Archives, IRS, SSA, NSA, FBI, CIA, etc.

Data Center, Server Room and Mission Critical Flooring Applications

  • 911 Call Centers
  • Command Centers
  • Control Rooms
  • Data Storage Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Flight Control Towers
  • Laboratories
  • Computer Rooms
  • Secure Compartments
  • Radio and Television
  • Research and Development Areas
  • Mission Critical NOCs
  • Engineering Areas
  • Medical Records Areas

Raised Access Flooring Panel Applications

  • Networked Offices
  • Electronics Labs
  • 911 Call Centers
  • Clean Rooms
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Flight Control Towers

Flight Control Areas: FAA and Military

  • AFSS
  • DASR
  • Government CCC Facilities
  • Military EOC
  • MP and Fire Dispatch Rooms
  • NASA Command Centers
  • Military Flight Towers
  • Mobile Flight Tower Support

To read the key components required based on FAA guidelines, click here.

Ammunition, Chemicals and Explosives

  • Military Ordnance areas
  • Aerospace Detonator Handling
  • Initiators
  • Missile warhead launch system static control
  • Flammable Fuels and Ammunition
  • Blasting Agents used in Automobile
    Airbag Manufacturing
  • Flammable Chemical Handling

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