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Quotes from our customers

“It was a pleasure working with Staticworx on the BAE project in Fort Wayne.  Staticworx products were instrumental in our success on the project. The installation process using GroundTack adhesive helped us bid and install static-dissipative tile at a production rate well above our historical levels. Our installers were genuinely impressed with how square, true, and consistent the product was. This precision manufacturing allowed us to lay a floor over 450 feet long by 400 feet across with no cutbacks for pattern alignment. The GroundTack adhesive and the quality of the product allowed us to win a highly competitive job and still exceed our expected production rates. The project was a total success. We are happy, and more importantly, our customers are happy. Staticworx Ameriworx is a superior product, and we look forward to working with Staticworx in the future.”
—  Matt Graves, Sales, Strahm Building Solutions

“You get to know a man when you see how he stays with you in solving problems on the job. Dave Long from Staticworx did just that when we were on a large project where some problems developed. He worked through the problems with us and stayed to the end. We now have a very large and successful ESD project on our resume because he is a man of his word. We look forward to our next project with him and his company.”
—  Dorn Dale, Senior Estimator, Schleis Floor Covering, Inc

“Staticworx, led by Dave Long, is the ultimate professional static electrical control company in the USA. He is one of the top 5 ‘experts’ in ESD and can solve any problem regarding static electricity that I have witnessed. I have worked with him in his expert capacity since 1985. Not once did he fail to solve a customer’s static dilemma. Dave is also a trusted and highly ethical business associate and partner. You can trust him unconditionally. It is always a pleasure working on projects with and for him.”
— Bill Blasek, Owner, William Blasek Ltd/Green Source Solutions

“Dave Long is very knowledgeable in the anti-static flooring field and has changed the way we all look at ESD flooring. Has taken the time and dedication to fully understand the mystery of electric static discharge and provides materials, services, and even the educational seminars necessary to make every customer’s installation a success. It has been great to work with Dave and everyone at Staticworx to provide a safe, reliable ESD flooring for the industry.”
— Francisco Martinez, ESD Flooring Specialist & Clean Room Solutions

"We wanted to upgrade our dispatch center with the latest electronic equipment, but we needed to address the need for fault-tolerant flooring to protect us from electrostatic discharge. The solution was to go with the industry's best static-free flooring products, Eclipse rubber and antistatic carpet tiles from Staticworx."
— Mark Trudel, Administrative Officer, Dispatch Communications Center

View photos of the Lowell, Mass. Police Department job

"As ESD problems intensify, billions of dollars are at risk—and the need for reliable ESD flooring solutions is critical. The industry needs a knowledgeable source for customized products and services. Through our experience, the best choice is Staticworx."
— Ted Dangelmayer, CEO, Dangelmayer Associates, LLC, ESD industry's leading analyst