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Staticworx ESD Flooring Options

At Staticworx, we offer the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and earth-friendly products.

None of our competitors has access to solutions for all environments. Before we recommend the best solution, we carefully study your environment and test for special ESD concerns. We review variables such as footwear, clothing, and chairs, and we provide educational aids such as comparative application charts. The most important variable in this process is partnering with an objective, reliable manufacturer.

Eclipse EC Rubber

Staticworx EC Rubber has repeatedly been lauded as an industry breakthrough, with independent research indicating the best static protection for any application. A zero-PVC-resilient floor, it is available in tiles, sheet flooring, and runners. Unaffected by aging, traffic, or humidity, this inherently conductive solution is slip resistant, requires no wax, cleans with just a damp mop, and meets all static-control flooring requirements of ANSI/ESD S.20.20. Staticworx EC Rubber installs easily over raised access or concrete floors. Unlike other resilient flooring options, it is fault-tolerant and controls static regardless of the footwear choice. It comes with a Lifetime Conductivity Warranty and may contribute toward satisfying LEED credits.

Ameriworx® ESD Vinyl Tile

Ameriworx is a precision-milled, solid vinyl tile (SVT) that will never shrink or become brittle. Its non-porous surface is maintained by simple damp mopping and dry buffing. This American-made tile meets all three of the static-control flooring requirements of ANSI/ESD S.20.20, and it is the only ESD vinyl tile with zero-detectable VOCs, according to California 1350 Indoor Air Quality Testing. Unlike static dissipative VCT, special polishes and wax aren't needed to maintain the floor's anti-static properties. Available as a conductive or static dissipative tile, it comes with a Lifetime Conductivity Warranty, and it may contribute toward satisfying LEED credits.

ShadowFX™ ESD Carpet Tile

Staticworx ESD Carpet Tile provides static protection for any application. Manufactured in the USA with our exclusive,recyclable, 100% non-PVC backing, this tile is installed with a releasable adhesive, which means damaged tiles can be easily removed and reinstalled, saving on maintenance and replacement costs. Featuring easy maintenance using conventional cleaning methods, it has been awarded The Carpet and Rug Institute's Green Label Plus certification and is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified. This product meets the static-control flooring requirements of ANSI/ESD S.20.20, it comes with a Lifetime Conductivity Warranty, and it may contribute toward satisfying LEED credits.

ESD Epoxy Floor Coating

This product is available in two varieties: GroundWorx (the least expensive coating) and HighBuild (three-layered, uniform colored coating available in conductive or static dissipative). GroundWorx is popular among budget-conscious companies seeking industry-compliant static control. HighBuild is appropriate for applications that require durability, easy rolling of heavy loads, and high visual appeal. Both of our ESD Epoxy floor coatings are American-made and provide a seamless, monolithic look. Special anti-static shoes are required to maximize the benefits of this flooring.

Additional Products

Our product line includes vinyl sheet flooring, mats and runners, exclusive adhesives, and maintenance products such as cleaners, wax, finishes, and paint. We also offer StaticFix, a dry adhesive that allows for immediate traffic upon floor installation, and GroundLock Extreme, our modular, interlocking option available for any Staticworx tile or carpet floor.

Which flooring option is the best? That depends on many factors. While a combination of products is often ideal, Staticworx EC ESD Rubber is rated as the best static protection on the market. It requires the least maintenance. It is the only certified Class-0 ESD flooring. It is fault tolerant. And it lasts forever.

Staticworx ESD Flooring Options