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Staticworx Launches Anti-Static Carpet Tile to Meet All Grounding Standards with One Type of Flooring

Shadow FX "Covers It All": Accents compliance with standards, Aesthetics, Savings, and Sustainability

Watertown, MA---Organizations with computer and telecommunication equipment may be exposing workers to risk if they don't have correctly specified, anti-static carpet that meets recent industry safety standards, according to Staticworx, the country's largest manufacturer of electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring.

In response to revised national grounding standards, which aim to protect personnel who work near electrical equipment, Staticworx has introduced ShadowFX, the industry's first static-control carpet tile that addresses safety concerns while still eliminating static discharge problems.  ShadowFX complies with the latest requirements of electrical grounding standards organizations like ANSI, FAA, Motorola, ATIS, and NFPA*.

Touted as a "breakthrough product," ShadowFX is also a response to architects and specifiers who have been calling for anti-static carpet with more visual appeal.  The product comes in two lines—Patterns and Solids—each of which has the same electrical properties.


According to Staticworx President David Long, the company's new product addresses the increasing safety risks associated with flooring that may be dangerous because it is too conductive, and provides permanent protection against ESD damage.

"Carpet with the wrong conductivity exposes people to unnecessarily dangerous electrical hazards, including potentially lethal shocks," says Long.

Shadow FX is designed to protect networked offices as well as schools, labs, call centers, data centers, emergency 911 dispatch centers, flight towers, control rooms, and electronics manufacturing ESD Protected Areas (EPAs).  Long reports:  "Our new product utilizes technology that makes the carpet tile ideal for computer or mission-critical environments.  Previously, the industry had only two options, overly engineered carpet that was too conductive or Low kV computer-grade carpet that didn't adequately address the problem of static discharge."

Industry analysts concur.  Independent laboratory tests document the need for flooring products that effectively deal with electrical safety.  "Many users of ESD flooring are not aware of electrical safety issues regarding flooring that is too conductive.  Why take a chance when it comes to safety?" says Stephen Fowler, President of Fowler Associates, a leading ESD consulting firm, and Publisher of the ESD Journal.


The design of Shadow FX is tied to the concept of biomimicry, which aims to solve human problems based on an examination of nature, where no two elements are identical, yet collectively they form a cohesive pattern.

According to Long, the random beauty of nature inspired the creation of Shadow FX, and the result is a product that produces calming effects coupled with the attributes of durability and economy.


Shadow FX, which is made in America, features random-sized shapes and grains, non-directional patterns, and gradations that create depth and shadows.  These design elements hide wear and tear—the number-one cause of carpet tile replacement. 

The product is installed with releasable adhesives that allow for easy removal of individual tiles, if needed, as opposed to the commonplace removal of entire rolls of broadloom carpet.  Also, since every tile has different color configurations, the problem of matching patterns and dye batches is avoided.  Shadow FX can also be installed with over access flooring panels without adhesives by using Staticworx GroundWise pads.

Additional savings are derived from significantly reduced waste during installation, and the product has a lifetime warranty.


Shadow FX is also a "green product," having earned sustainability certifications such as Green Label Plus.  It may also contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), since it contains almost 50% total recycled content and has low-emitting materials.

Other product features include:

  • 100% of yarn bundles are wrapped with Helix 44 denier static-control fiber.
  • Withstands over 100,000 cycles of Phillips roller caster chair test.
  • Lifetime warranty on static control.
  • Made in America.

Most importantly, Long stresses the need for companies to conduct due diligence and install flooring that is properly specified before problems, including personal injury and equipment failure, occur.  For those companies that may be in violation of the new standards, he recommends a flooring audit through Staticworx's Ground Safe program. 

Long says.  "Companies need to find the ‘sweet spot' for flooring that provides static protection but is still in the safe zone based on the number of ohms (units of electrical resistance).  Independent research has shown that being overly conductive won't buy you anything except exposure to liability."

* Shadow FX meets the following standards:

  • ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.  Electronics handling environments.
  • FAA. STD 019e.  Air traffic systems. 
  • Motorola R56 Guidelines.  Equipment rooms or dispatch centers.
  • ATIS-06000321.2010.  Network operator equipment areas.
  • NFPA 99.  Healthcare facilities. 

Staticworx, Inc. is North America's largest manufacturer of electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring products that protect worksites with customized, static-free solutions. Based in Watertown, Mass., with an office in California, Staticworx has warehouses on both coasts and is factory-direct. Comprehensive flooring options include rubber, vinyl tile, carpet, epoxy, and adhesives. All products meet international standards, are environmentally friendly, and come with lifetime warranties. Services include ongoing access to technical support. Known as problem-solvers and educators, Staticworx streamlines the supply chain, working directly with contractors and end users to provide accountability. The company has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies by Inc. Magazine and the Boston Business Journal.  It has served thousands of customers with experience that spans 35 years.