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Competitive Checklist

What Makes Staticworx Better

Most Cost Effective Competitors Can't Say This

  • We streamline communication to save you time and money.
  • Floors installed in occupied spaces; eliminates costly shutdowns and downtime.
  • Prices 15%-30% less than competitors for flooring and adhesives.

Most Complete Product Line Competitors Can't Say This

  • Best-in-class options: rubber, vinyl tile, carpet, epoxy, and adhesives.
  • All products and maintenance supplies guaranteed with Staticworx brand.
  • Interlocking, adhesive-free option for all flooring types.

Most Knowledgeable Competitors Can't Say This

  • Foremost authority on static-control flooring.
  • Leading provider of educational material: articles, blogs, and courses.(including AIA certification) on static-control flooring.
  • First-to-market with advanced technologies.

Most Service-Oriented Competitors Can't Say This

  • Customized solutions for unique jobs and applications.
  • Direct, around-the-clock access to technical support.
  • Dedicated start-to-finish services from spec-writing to final certification.

Most Reliable Competitors Can't Say This

  • Lifetime factory warranties provide single-party accountability.
  • 35 years' experience and extensive industry testimonials worldwide.
  • Best fault-tolerant products, as recognized by MIT Laboratories and ESD Journal Seal of Approval.
Most Environmentally Friendly Competitors Can't Say This
  • Dedicated to safe, sustainable products.
  • Zero-detectable VOCs and phthalate-free for healthier workplaces.
  • Products may help earn LEED credits.

Competitive Checklist: What Makes Staticworx Better