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AIA-Accredited Continuing Education Course

Are You Unknowingly Specifying Non-Compliant Materials?

Anti-Static Flooring:
What You Need to Know
To Be Compliant and Limit Your Exposure

Length: 1 hour | AIA/CES Credit: 1 learning unit, NO COST | SIGN UP SHEET

Click Here or call 1-800-Staticworx to contact Dave Long to set up a seminar at your location at no charge.

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THE PROBLEM: Most static-control flooring specifications are drafted incorrectly, creating unnecessary safety risks and ineffective solutions.

THE SOLUTION: Learn How to Write the Right Specs at Our Seminar!

Understand anti-static flooring, including the difference between static-dissipative, static-conductive, and grounded flooring; and how it limits the risks of static discharge to sensitive electronics in applications ranging from electronics manufacturing, R&D, networked offices, 24/7/365 call centers, medical settings, cleanrooms, and more. Understand best practices and evidence-based design.


  • Learn how to responsibly write specs that meet industry standards (including ANSI/ESD S-20.20, AATCC134, NFPA99, LEED qualification) when selecting static-control flooring to ensure compliance.
  • Minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge through proper specification of static-control flooring based on the application and specific risks in a given environment.
  • Assess the installation environment by utilizing static- control international test methods and conventional industry measurement instruments.
  • Learn the critical difference between KV ratings and OHMS resistance.

Facilitator Background

David H. Long: Boston College, Worcester High School Dave Long is the CEO and founder of Staticworx, Inc., North America's leading manufacturer of flooring solutions for static-free environments. Under his leadership, Staticworx has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. Magazine and the Boston Business Journal.

Widely recognized as the foremost authority on electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring, Mr. Long has more than 35 years of industry experience. He combines comprehensive technical knowledge of electrostatics with a practical understanding of how materials perform in real-world environments.

Using a hands-on approach, he solves complex problems in applications where static charges could harm sensitive electronics, interfere with the performance of mission-critical equipment, and pose significant safety risks. A writer, speaker, and educator, Mr. Long has demystified an industry that has historically been confusing.

Mr. Long earned his B.A. degree at Boston College, where he graduated summa cum laude, was named to the Jesuit National Honor Society, and received the Doyle Award for academic excellence. He lives in Massachusetts.

Click Here or call 1-800-Staticworx to contact Dave Long to set up a seminar
at your location at no charge.

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