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The Static Free Island

Eclipse ESD Rubber flooring is fault tolerant. Now available with a moisture resistant self-stick backing. Read more.

A simple do-it-yourself method for achieving an ESD protected area

Applications include:

  • Computer rooms
  • Electronics handling and manufacturing
  • Technology labs
  • 911 call centers
  • Command and war rooms
  • Critical environments
  • Telecom equipment rooms
  • Data centers
  • Access floors
  • Home computer environments

What's available?

  • Packaged in 64 square foot kits
  • All required materials included
  • Ships by FedEx, UPS or commercial truck
  • Click here for Colors and Styles


  • Controls electrostatic discharge (ESD) for almost any application
  • Lifetime static protection warranty
  • Permanent static dissipative properties
  • Meets 2007 and 2014 versions of ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • Rated for highest traffic applications
  • Never needs enhancers or antistatic sprays


  • Meets standards
  • Lowest cost solution
  • Anyone can install it
  • No mess
  • Movable and reusable
  • Lowest maintenance cost of any ESD flooring options

A formula in simplicity:
Squares + GroundBridge = Static Free Island

Roll out rolls of white conductive GroundBridge underlayment on 48" centers

GroundBridge Underlayment

Place ShadowFX™ static dissipative carpet squares so seams sit on top of GroundBridge underlayment.


Connect carpet tiles at corners using square, sticky-side-up TacTiles® connectors.

Connect Carpet Tiles

Continue installation wall-to-wall or add tiles in the future until you have covered the desired area.

Surface Mount Manufacturing

The Static-free Island can easily become a static-free building. It doesn't need to be installed all at once. Our random non-directional patterns like the one shown above are made to hide and prevent wear and to seamlessly merge new tiles with old tiles.