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Technical Articles

Comprehensive ESD Flooring technical resource library covering topics ranging from installation to case studies.

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Facilities Managers & Architects

  • Evaluating ESD Protection Circuits
    (by Joe Salvador, published in Conformity 8/1/2007)
    "Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is becoming an increasingly important issue to both semiconductor manufacturers and electronics equipment providers. Electronics equipment such as cellular phones, digital televisions and notebook computers are increasingly subjected to ESD events as users carry them around and constantly connect and disconnect them. Simultaneously, semiconductor manufacturers are finding it more difficult to provide even modest levels of on-chip ESD protection as silicon geometries shrink and advanced digital chips become more prone to ESD damage." read more
  • Zero Downtime Installation
    Tile removal can create problems that never needed exposing. Demolition can be a nightmare. Concrete repair and patching generates tremendous amounts of dust. Carbon loaded adhesives need several days to a week to cure. ESD Epoxy can't be installed in small areas or occupied spaces. What if you could install new ESD carpet or ESD tile right over your old floor and never shut down your business?
  • Glossary of ESD Flooring Terms
    There's no need to be confused by static control terminology.
    Learn the difference between terms like static diipative and conductive as well as antistatic and low Kv.
  • Hidden Costs of ESD Floors
    Static control floors are expensive additions to any renovation budget. Unfortunately, the cost of owning certain floors can also break your maintenance budget. Learn about total cost of ownership before you buy a high maintenance ESD flooring solution.
  • Facilities Manager's Guide to ESD Flooring
  • The Need for Due Diligence In Specifying ESD Floors
    We wrote this article to help eliminate the confusion over dilemmas like "should we install a conductive or a static dissipative floor?" The simple answer is neither; never buy based on a description - you need more details. Before you specify any of the myriad ESD floors on the market you should be familiar with ESD standards like STM 7.1 , ESD STM 97.1 and 97.2 and ANSI/ESD S20.20. With a little background, these standards can help you avoid costly wrong assumptions.
  • Choosing ESD Flooring for Mission-critical Spaces
    Today's modern office would have been a called a computer room years ago. The technology is extremely sensitive to static. Fortunately, many ESD flooring options are now available for the high tech office environment.
  • Choosing ESD Flooring for Mission-critical Spaces
    Confused about the difference between static generation and ohms of electrical resistance. Here's a good place to start.
  • ATT Study
    This study of ESD floors is considered to be the finest examination of resilient ESD flooring options ever conducted by an unbiased third party. Find out why rubber is considered the least expensive ESD floor to own.
  • Economics of Phasing out PVC
    PVC aka poly-vinyl-chloride is the major compound in ESD vinyl tile. Most environmentalists consider PVC an eco-nightmare. This study, conducted by Tufts University in Maachusetts, comprehensively examines PVC and the potential replacement materials like rubber.
  • EMC Case Study
    EMC Corporation conducted a durability study on various ESD epoxy coatings from a variety of manufacturers. Unlike many short term beta site studies, EMC punished the potential ESD flooring options to find out which ESD flooring solution would last the longest.
  • Digital Future Report
    Published by The University of Southern California, this article explains where we fit and where we are going from the perspective of the "Digital Age
  • Choosing ESD Flooring for Mission-critical Spaces
    It is the purpose of this paper to show that the electrostatic performance of footwear/flooring systems, defined as the electrostatic potential of personnel arising out of the use of these systems, can be predicted with adequate precision based on component resistance data alone, and further to present resistance testing methodologies which are at once more relevant and more reproducible than most in common usage today.


Mission Critical & 911 Call Center

Featured News Article
As electronic devices get smaller and smaller, 9-1-1 Call centers and other mission-critical environments are at greater risk for ESD damage.
Read about it from 9-1-1 Magazine

What You Need to Know
about Anti Static Flooring for Telecommunication Areas & Public Safety Emergency 911 Communications Rooms:
Use Appropriate Grounding Standards: Motorola R56 and ATIS-0600321-2010
Read the full story