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Articles for Environments Where Electronics are Manufactured or Used

Applications requiring static control (ESD) flooring range from labs and emergency 911 call centers to clean-rooms and data centers.

The effectiveness of conductive and static dissipative tile will vary greatly depending on the application. Understanding the electrical specifications of ESD floors by themselves is not enough; the application must be properly matched with the specific type of floor covering.

There are two areas with static control requirements. One is real world environments where electronics are used - not made, like data centers, call centers, flight control areas, command rooms, server rooms etc. The other is a static free controlled environment like a clean room or other facility where electronics are manufactured. David Long's blog differentiates the two environments.

Data Centers

7 Common Mistakes in Selecting Static Control Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your new or existing data center isn't a matter of picking the best linoleum to match the drapes. Here are some tips to help you choose the best floor for your application.


Mission Critical

Choosing Flooring For Mission-critical Spaces

Why is static a greater threat today? Microcircuits inside electronic equipment perceive a static discharge as an overwhelming burst of energy. Older, more rugged components, though still prone to ESD failure, contained special microcircuit gate protectors, capable of diverting the random charge away from the heart of the device.

9-1-1 Call Centers

Are You Grounded?®

ENPM Jan. / Feb. 2010 Issue Feature Article: Are You Grounded?®: New Industry Trends Expose the Need for Anti-Static Rubber Flooring

Managing Static - The Invisible Threat to 9-1-1 Call Centers

Random static discharge will wreak havoc inside your call center--lost or corrupted data, dropped calls, PC lookup, and blown headsets.

Anti Static Flooring Overview for Emergency 911 Dispatch Call Centers

A good-quality, high-performance conductive floor is the only fail-safe means of safely and effectively controlling static in a mission-critical environment or communications center.

For Beginners: ESD, Anti-Static Flooring

Checklist for choosing static control flooring

Are you preparing for a new or renovation project for a data center? A simple overlooked finish is your flooring and ensuring that the data center and its immediate area are static free. The following is a checklist when choosing static control flooring.

Understanding the Hidden Costs of ESD Flooring

The real cost of ESD floors: The actual material price is only part of the cost of an ESD flooring installation. This article evaluates maintenance costs of most ESD floors, including: epoxy, vinyl, rubber, and carpet tile.

Electronics Manufacturing in Static-Free Controlled Environments

7 Common Mistakes in Selecting Static Control Flooring

Removing old floor...MANY FACILITY PLANNERS, concerned about contamination or potential scheduling delays, once dismissed the thought of installing electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe tile in operational clean spaces.

7-Mistakes Outlined

Confusion of static control terminology; Not understanding internet hype; Using an unfamiliar supplier or contractor; Failing to carefully evaluate suppliers and their warranties; Failing to investigate sub-floor conditions; Not understanding total cost of ownership; Specifying the wrong product for the application.

Seven Mandatory Considerations Before Handling Class 0 ESDS Devices

The new components are called "Class 0 devices." According to all the experts, every factory will handle them before 2010 and it can take up to two years to prepare.

7 Common Mistakes in Selecting Static Control Flooring

Because of the massive amount of both reliable and unreliable information available on the web, facility designers often make the same common mistakes when selecting static control flooring materials.

Choosing ESD Flooring for Electronics Handling and Manufacturing Applications

The sensitivity of today's state of the art, class zero electronic devices is forcing companies to take a closer look at their ESD programs.

The Need for Due Diligence In Specifying ESD Floors

When selecting an ESD floor, someone involved in the decision-making process needs to understand both static control specifications and the long-term impact that installing an ESD floor will have on the business.

The Facilities Manager's Guide to ESD Flooring Materials

Developments in flooring technology provide more options and offer flexible approaches.