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Published Articles in Industry Journals

Conformity Magazine is the preferred publication for current regulatory and design information in the field of electrical engineering.

Dave Long, founder and president of Staticworx®, has been published by Conformity numerous times. His articles about static discharge problems and static control flooring range from explaining ESD Association standard ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 to helping readers understand the difference between a static dissipative and conductive floor tile.

Conformity is a member of the American Business Media, BPA Worldwide, and their editorial staff maintains  membership with the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME).  Their editors adhere to the American Business Media's code of editorial ethics and strive to provide the highest quality editorial features and articles to our readership.

Articles Published in Conformity®  Impact of ESD Flooring In Businesses

7-Mistakes Outlined

Confusion of static control terminology; Not understanding internet hype; Using an unfamiliar supplier or contractor; Failing to carefully evaluate suppliers and their warranties; Failing to investigate sub-floor conditions; Not understanding total cost of ownership; Specifying the wrong product for the application.

Seven Mandatory Considerations Before Handling Class 0 ESDS Devices

The new components are called "Class 0 devices." According to all the experts, every factory will handle them before 2010 and it can take up to two years to prepare.

Seven typical mistakes you can avoid when selecting an ESD Floor

Because of the massive amount of both reliable and unreliable information available on the web, facility designers often make the same common mistakes when selecting static control flooring materials.

Choosing ESD Flooring for Electronics Handling and Manufacturing Applications

The sensitivity of today's state of the art, class zero electronic devices is forcing companies to take a closer look at their ESD programs.

The Need for Due Diligence In Specifying ESD Floors

When selecting an ESD floor, someone involved in the decision-making process needs to understand both static control specifications and the long-term impact that installing an ESD floor will have on the business.

The Facilities Manager's Guide to ESD Flooring Materials

Developments in flooring technology provide more options and offer flexible approaches.

Choosing The Right ESD Flooring For Laboratory And Technical Environments

When used without conductive footwear, some static control floors offer marginal static control advantages and could present an unnecessary liability.