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Case Studies of StaticWorx Clients

How We Have Helped Our Customers Manage ESD

AT&T Study of ESD Floors that can be installed in a clean room environment

Many consider AT&T's study to be the most objective analysis of static control flooring options ever conducted. This study evaluated electrical properties, installation issues and even appearance. Find out why Staticworx® EC Rubber might offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any ESD floor covering based upon this two year examination of: conductive and dissipative vinyl ESD tile, antistatic and static dissipative rubber ESD tile and various conductive ESD epoxy and urethane coatings.

Please note: ESD and anti static carpet was not evaluated in this study. Due to clean room considerations associated with AT&T's microelectronics facility, this study only included surfaces that could be installed in a clean room environment.

EMC Case Study

EMC Corporation conducted a durability study on various ESD epoxy coatings from a variety of manufacturers. Unlike many short term beta site studies, EMC punished the potential ESD flooring options to find out which ESD flooring solution would last the longest.

You can find more information on flooring for electronics manufacturing and handling environments here: