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Crystalline SD™ Series

100% recyclable ESD floor tile for static control

  • High Pressure Calendared Homogeneous ESD Sheet Flooring
  • No Wax
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Ideal for controlling static in electronics manufacturing, telecommunications installations, 911 call centers, FAA flight areas, data center, computer rooms, healthcare facilities such as scanner rooms, X-ray/MRI suites and operating room,Crystalline SD is 100% recyclable and
    contains an average 25% recycled material.
  • Sheet size: 6’6” wide x 66’ long
  • Thickness: nominal .80 in. (2mm)
  • Category Test Method
  • Critical Radiant flux CRF (W/cm2) ASTM E-648 > 1.0 W/cm2
  • Chemical Resistance ASTM F-925 Excellent (Acids, Alkalis, Household Chemicals)
  • Electrical Resistance ASTM F-150 Point to Point & Point to Ground: 1,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 Ohms
  • Electrostatic Propensity AATCC-134 <2 kV
  • Fire Resistance (Steiner Tunnel) ASTM E-84 < 75 (Class 1)
  • Electrically Conductive Floor Coverings ANSI/UL 779 Meets UL Standard
  • Floor Materials – Resistive Characterization of Materials ANSI/ESD.S7.1-2005
    1.0 x 106 <Static Dissipative <1.0 x 109
    Surpasses recommended standards of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
  • Floor Materials and Footwear-Resistance Measurement in Combination with a Person
    ANSI/ESD STM97.1-2006
    < 3.5 X 107
    Surpasses recommended standards of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
  • Floor Materials and Footwear- Voltage Measurement in Combination with a Person
    ANSI/ESD STM97.2-1999
    <100 volts with static control footwear
  • BS IEC 61340-4-1 2003 RG 1.0 x106 – 1.0 x 109ohms
  • Life Safety Code NFPA 101 Passes
  • Smoke Density ASTM E-662 ≤ 450
  • Standard for Health Care Facilities NFPA 99 Passes
  • Static Decay, Method 4046 at 15% RH ASTM F-101C 000 – 0 Volts in <0.1 sec.
    IBM/Burroughs Static Control Standard: Passes
    Meets: ANSI/ESD S20.20, NFPA 99, ATIS 0600321, Motorola R56, FAA 019e 2005 Revision
  • Standard maintenance: Buff at low speed using Staticworx Formula 20.20 or a Staticworx approved material.

Crystalline™ Colors

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Half Dome

Due to the variations in monitor displays, color may not be accurate.
Please contact an ESD tile representative for an actual sample for color accuracy.